Even Flat Earthers Admit It’s Irresponsible To Dismiss Climate Change So I Guess It’s Just Our Politicians Who Think It’s A Good Idea Then

Thinking the earth is flat is relatively harmless compared to ignoring global warming.

So it turns out that the group of people who genuinely believe that the earth is flat do not deny that climate change is a real threat to humanity.

And if the infamous science-denialists of the flat earth community can get on board with climate change, it makes it even more ridiculous to see our own politicians continue to ignore its existence.

Yet here we are.

A response from The official Flat Earth Society Twitter has gone viral on Reddit for taking a strong stance on climate change. According to their tweet they are, surprisingly, believers.

“Certainly,” the society’s tweet reads, “It would be nothing short of irresponsible to question something with so much overwhelming evidence behind it, and something that threatens us so directly as a species.”

It might seem a little confusing that the same people who do not believe that science proves the earth is round, do believe that science proves global warming. We too are confused by the phenomenon.

Flat Earth Society President Daniel Shenton was noted by The Conversation in May as saying in the past that he does accept the science of human-caused climate change. 

I guess we shouldn’t assume that people who subscribe to one brand of science-denialism, subscribe to them all.

So, with the flat earthers believing that it’s irresponsible to dismiss the very real consequences of climate change, that pretty much just leaves our politicians who think it’s a good idea to keep on keeping on and do nothing about it.

C’mon guys. When flat earthers start using science against you, you know you’re doing something wrong.

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