Vanessa Hudgens Is Going Full Princess-Parent Trap In The Christmas Romcom To Win The Holiday Season

Is this a combination of movies we have all seen before? Yes. Is that the way to our hearts? YES.

It is that time of year again – time for the onslaught of cliché Christmas romcoms to hit our screens. AKA, my favourite time of year.

Bring it on.

But never did I expect to be gifted with a Christmas romcom that looks so astoundingly perfect as The Princess Switch. 

The Princess Switch is a Netflix original that features our favourite High School Musical star turned Spring Breakers star as not one, but TWO main characters. This movie is like the love child of iconic Lindsay Lohan hit Parent Trap and Selena Gomez’s less-iconic-but-still-enjoyable Monte Carlo.

And this love child is both festive AND royal. All praise the Christmas spirit for bringing us this masterpiece.

One of the many great things about switching places story-lines is that we can guarantee multiple romantic plots to indulge in. And that means multiple hotties to froth over.

For one Vanessa Hudgens we have Prince Edward (Sam Palladio, Nashville):

And for the other Vanessa Hudgens we have what looks like a hot single dad, Kevin (Nick Sagar):

To sum up, I’m incredibly keen for this masterpiece and it’s dropping on Netflix on November 16 so get ready for some Christmas romantic comedy gold.

The First Look At Henry Cavill As Geralt In The Witcher Pretty Much Looks Like Legolas And Lucius Malfoy’s Love Child

That jawline though.

Netflix has released the first peek at Henry Cavill in the upcoming drama series The Witcher, and damn, he’s rocking the look.

It’s actually come in the form of an awkward video in which Cavill looks like he’s posing for an America’s Next Top Model shoot, and it would be unbearably awkward if he wasn’t so handsome.

The Witcher is based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, and Cavill is kicking off the series as young Geralt of Rivia. People have been quick to point out that Cavill’s Geralt ~look~ is very reminiscent of a fair few other fantasy characters. 

It’s like Orlando Bloom’s Lord Of The Rings character Legolas, Lucius Malfoy of Harry Potter and Aegon Targaryen of Game of Thrones, have been put in a blender and Henry Cavill’s Geralt is the delicious resulting smoothie.  Yum!

The Witcher doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s expected to drop on Netflix some time next year so that’s plenty of time to read the book and get around the hype.

Netflix’s The Kissing Booth Edited Into A Fake Horror Trailer Is Honestly Working A Little Too Well

I guess when the male characters are controlling and aggressive they transform into villains quite seamlessly.

Netflix is getting well into the Halloween spirit with spooky content like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaalmost-spooky content featuring Queer Eye’s Antoni, and now a transformation of their very own The Kissing Booth into a certified thriller.


The thing is, the recut of The Kissing Booth into a fake horror trailer works a little too well. It feels too easy.

But maybe that’s because, while we find the fanfiction-adapted teen romcom somehow irresistible, the male characters do kinda suck. With so many aggressive and controlling men around it makes sense that the movie makes such an easy transition into horror film.

And what’s spookier than then our desire for problematic men!

Then again if The Shining can be recut into a romcom, anything is possible with a good edit.

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