Now There’s Proof That Christmas Really Does Bring The Worst Out In Us

They don't call it the silly season for nothing.

With Christmas swiftly approaching, tensions are at an all-time high. Workloads are increasing in the lead-up to the holidays, then there’s the stress of organising various family gatherings, and all the money spent on food, booze and gifts. 

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing.

Well, now we have actual proof that Christmas really does bring out the worst in us – especially when it comes to sexism. According to a new study conducted by The Body Shop and Plan International, 87% of Australians agree that outdated stereotypes resurface durings the holidays – particularly those around gender.

Research found that most Australians agree that women will be doing Christmas chores this year like cooking, buying gifts, and cleaning, while 44% believe men will more likely be found in front of the TV watching sport. 

It will come as no surprise that despite all the rallying for change we’ve done this year, these kinds of social issues tend to drop off the radar during the silly season. The study found that only 16% of Aussies think about  gender equality, climate change and world peace, with 87% saying they ‘take a break’ from these issues over Christmas.

Then there are all the stereotypes associated with Christmas – the most recognised characters like Santa Claus and Snowman are men, while the female icons of Christmas like Mrs Claus and even Mariah Carey are rated the least popular. 38% of Ausies even think Santa’s fictional reindeer are mostly male!

Would Christmas pass the Bechdel test? Doesn’t look like it.

It’s not all doom and Christmas gloom, though. Aussies can take a photo with Mrs Claus this year with all proceeds donated to Plan International Australia’s 2020 Youth Activist Series, a 12-month training and leadership program to launch the dreams of Australia’s future change-makers.

“We have seen the impact just one young woman can have if she’s given support to succeed in incredibly young trailblazers Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai,” says Susan Legena, Plan International Australia’s CEO. “The Youth Activist Series nurtures passion and talent and sets up young women with the skills and confidence to make a real impact on the issues that matter most.”

Doing away with outdated gender stereotypes and supporting young women really could be the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas.

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Badass Women Who Are Shaking Up The Music Game In 2019

Say it with me: GIRL POWER.

With just over one month left of 2019, now is the perfect time to look back and appreciate all of the incredible achievements of the year. Without a doubt, women have been at the forefront of those milestones, especially in the music industry. 

This week’s ARIAs was the perfect example of that. 19-year-old musician Tones and I AKA Toni Watson took home four awards – Best Independent Release, Best Breakthrough Artist Award, Best Female Artist Award and Best Pop Release – for the banger none of us can get out of our heads, ‘Dance Monkey.’

In her acceptance speech, Watson said: “thank you to Australia, for letting me know I’m okay just the way that I am,” and later said, “sometimes I don’t think that I’m not the most relatable female artist. I’m not into makeup or dresses, or typically girly things.”

“But, to me, those things don’t really define what it is to be a female artist in this industry anymore. It’s being brave and courageous, and true to yourself. No-one could have ever prepared me for the whole world judging me and comparing me to other artists.

“But what’s most important is that you have to be a good person and care about others and carry yourself well.”

Other talented Aussie women in music who won big at the 2019 ARIA Awards included Sampa the Great, Kaiit, and Amyl and the Sniffers – a band that’s proudly fronted by female vocalist Amy Taylor.

Across the pond, sisters were doing it for themselves this year, too. Both Billie Eilish and Lizzo have had stellar years, with record-breaking tracks and multiple Grammy award nominations.

Then there are pop music prodigies like Charli XCX, who has just launched her own Netflix series Nasty Cherry: I’m With The Band, Dua Lipa, who is currently touring her chart topper ‘Don’t Start Now’ all around the world, and Halsey, who just won Best Pop/Rock track for ‘Without Me’ at the American Music Awards.

And how could we forget the incredible women who are kicking goals in, and out of the limelight. In 2019, singer songwriter Julia Michaels released her EP, Inner Monologue Part 1 but she also co-wrote Selena Gomez’s most recent track ‘Lose You To Love Me,’ amongst other popular songs over the last decade. 

It’s a similar story for singer songwriter Sasha Sloan, who has written for artists including Idina Menzel, Maggie Lindemann and of course, Camilla Cabello. 

2019 has been an awe-inspiring and empowering year for women in music and we can only hope the same arse-kicking girl power continues into 2020 and beyond.

Monopoly's New 'Longest Game Ever' Is Going To Tear Families Apart This Xmas

*flips board*

Have you ever played a game of Monopoly that hasn’t ended in a huge argument and someone flipping the game board in a hysterical fit of rage? 

Well, those heated game nights are about to get even more savage because Hasbro has just announced Monopoly’s longest game ever.

Board Game Geek states that, if played correctly, a typical game of Monopoly is meant to last around 60 to 90 minutes – but let’s be honest – it always takes way longer than that. 

If an average game of Monopoly feels like it takes two years to finish, how long will the ‘longest game ever’ go for!? 

Amazon states that the new game “doesn’t end until someone owns every single property,” which there are 66 (!!) of and only one die, which means no doubles. Monopoly’s longest game ever only ends when a player owns 16 streets, 4 railroads, 2 utilities, and all the properties.

Someone pass me a drink.

According to a 2017 study conducted by, Monopoly starts more fights than any other board game. Surveying 1,000 board game-playing Americans, researchers found that almost half of respondents had a fight while playing the game.  

So, why is Monopoly such a squabble-inducing game? Cosmopolitan reports that the top 10 reasons a mid-game bust-up happens include people making up the rules, people being too cocky when winning, someone buying a property you want (even when they don’t need it), people taking too long to take their turn, someone stealing from the bank, someone deliberately miscounting their move, the property auction process, choice over tokens, the rules of Free Parking and who gets to be the banker. 

These fights have become so rife that Hasbro introduced a ‘helpline’ to stop families feuding in 2016. “We’ll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advice on how to resolve common complaints, with each person also having the opportunity to make a donation to Childline when they call,” Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director of Hasbro UK and Ireland said at the time. 

Is Hasbro trolling us with the longest game ever of Monopoly? Or is this the company’s evil plan to keep as at each other’s necks over the Christmas break? Either way, I’ll be sitting this game out on the bench.

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