Chris Lilley May Be Continuing His Rich Tradition Of Playing Controversial Characters

And Australians continue to be extremely chill about Chris Lilley’s act, for some reason.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley has a brand new 10-episode series with Netflix, and judging from some of the publicity photos released, there may be further controversy from the comedian who brought you characters such as Jonah from Tonga and Ricky Wong.


We should be fair here and state that little is currently known about Lilley’s new show, but the comedian appeared to be sporting an afro and what can be construed as ethnic clothing according to some users on Twitter.


However, other users have suggested that Lilley may be channelling Rachel Dolezal, who was the former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Yep, she’s a white woman who passed herself off as an African-American for years.

So, if Lilley, who has played an African-American rapper, as a white man, may be portraying a “black” woman who is actually white, there’s only one conclusion.

He’s making the Inception of blackface.

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