Chris Lilley Is Now The Fourth Jonas Brother For Some Ungodly Reason

There's no rational explanation for how this came about.

Chris Lilley’s latest show, Lunatics, has been out for a while on Netflix now and look, it’s not great to be honest. Unfortunately, it seems like there are some ungodly plans in store for Lilley’s Lunatics character, Keith Dick, because he was spotted hanging out with The Jonas Brothers in New York City.

TMZ spotted the trio hanging out with Lilley’s wannabe fashion designer character and based the rack of clothes that the quartet were lugging along, it suggests that they’re teaming up for some unholy collaboration or sorts.

Of all the things that could’ve happened in the world, Chris Lilley – dressed as a ridiculous character – teaming up with the Jonas Brothers and essentially being the fourth sibling for a spell is something no one could’ve predicted.

As for how this collaboration came about, no one actually knows. Maybe their management decided to hook them up for some reason. Perhaps they got to know each other when Joe was in Australia as a judge on The Voice Australia. Or maybe Lilley was wandering around NYC in character for some reason and happened to run into the trio, who are in the Big Apple promoting their new album Happiness Begins.

But regardless of how they met, we’re a little nervous about what is going to come out of this collab. The Jonas Bros are running high right now with their big comeback and the last thing they need is a team up with a “comedian” whose whole schtick basically involves running around in other people’s clothes – and occasionally blackface – and making awful jokes that he deems as “satire”. No amount of PR can spin that into something positive.

It’s not a stretch to say that Lilley and his brand of “punching down comedy” is one of Australia’s worst exports and surely the Jonas Brothers could’ve found someone better from Down Under to work with. But hey, if the trio intend to blow up their revitalised careers by doing something like collaborating with the man behind controversial characters like S.mouse rather than comedians like Hannah Gadsby, that’s their decision.

Not one bit.

Look, let’s withhold judgment on whatever Lilley and the Jonas Brothers are potentially cooking up until it is dropped on us all. Having said that, I suddenly have a strong urge to see Frankie be brought back as the fourth JoBro rather than Keith Dick.

Welp, Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Just Went And Eloped Because They DGAF

A big congrats to the newlyweds!

Of all the things that could’ve happened this week, the last thing we predicted was “Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas bailing on the Billboard Music Awards early to elope in Las Vegas with Diplo acting as their unofficial video person.”

And yet, that’s exactly what happened, folks.

That’s right, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are officially husband and wife. Okay, let’s quickly recap what happened.

Sophie and Joe were at the BBMAs in Las Vegas, where they presumably had a heap of fun rocking out to Drake and BTS. The couple then bailed on the event and headed straight for a local wedding chapel to get hitched in a shotgun wedding with an Elvis impersonator officiating the spontaneous ceremony.

Diplo was there in attendance with the bride and groom’s friends and family, and he decided to live-stream some of the ceremony on Instagram because why the hell not at this point.

You would’ve thought that after Priyanka and Nick’s massive wedding that Sophie and Joe would hold some lavish ceremony.

But exchanging vows and ring-pops in lieu of actual rings at a local Las Vegas chapel seems far more fitting for the couple given their DGAF attitude to pretty much everything these days. For what it’s worth, Sophie wore a white dress and Joe was in a suit so they had that also going for them.

A huge congrats to those two crazy kids, may this be the start of what appears to be an even crazier journey for them.

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