Enjoy This Video Of A Day In The Incredibly Relatable Chris Hemsworth's Life

Warning: intense exercise regimen ahead.

Chris Hemsworth, again proving himself to be the best at Instagram, has uploaded a look at a day in his life to IGTV. Aside from the fact that I still don’t quite understand what IGTV is, it’s a great watch at what the God of Thunder’s life in Byron Bay is like. Hint: it involves a lot of sweat.

He starts his day with a beach workout with his mates, because if anyone can fulfil Australian stereotypes in a wholesome fashion, it’s a Hemsworth brother.

Chris shows us his Instagram feed, reminding us that this is indeed a video for Instagram’s account, and we see that it’s 95% surfing content. Again with the stereotypes. Note to all visitors: not all Australians are this Australian.

He follows this up with a visit to the gym, which includes a boxing session where his trainer lets him win, because of course he does. Would you want to punch Thor?

After that, it’s yet another bout of exercising. Kickboxing, weightlifting, playing with a skipping rope and ab work make up his third workout of the day. I’m exhausted just watching this.

According to Chris, the main thing about fitness is making sure you’re shiny all the time. You can achieve this by doing hundreds of pushups, or pouring water all over yourself. He helpfully demonstrates by doing just that.

Chris, I can promise you that I am already shiny all the time. It’s called living in Australia in summer.

If all that exercising wasn’t enough, he then… smashes a tyre with a hammer? Is that how Thor works out back on Asgard?

I hope he’s done working out now. I’m not sure how much exercise the human body can take in one morning.

After getting food, he returns to the beach to do… handstands and flips with his friends? Of course all of his friends are just as fit as him.

He winds down with a BBQ on the beach, which I have to assume was planned for this video and isn’t something he actually does regularly. Nobody’s life is that picturesque, I refuse to believe it.

And that’s a day in Chris Hemsworth’s life in Byron Bay. This 5-minute video was a better ad for Byron than literally anything else I’ve ever seen, but I’d only go if Chris would promise to smash tyres with me.

This Discount Shoe Store Fooled A Bunch Of Influencers Into Paying Designer Prices, Bless Them

Scam today, before today scams you.

Payless Shoes pulled off the scam of the century, and it was all for an advertising campaign.

The affordable footwear brand filled an old Armani store in Los Angeles with their products, called themselves ‘Palessi’, and invited influencers to their launch event.

According to the video the company shared on Thursday, influencers at the launch event were willing to pay as much as $600USD for a pair of Payless shoes that sported the Palessi label.

Throughout the series of videos, influencers are asked what they think of the Palessi shoes. They praised the shoes as being “elegant, sophisticated” and evidently “made of high-quality material”.

While some think the scam wasn’t cool, most people are recognising it for what it is: an entertaining marketing campaign that also highlights just how swayed people are by effective branding.

Payless even set up an Instagram account for their fake luxury brand.


While I’m sure the influencers learned something from the whole experiment, there might be a lesson in it for Payless as well. Vox is right – if your products get more love when they’re marketed and packaged decently, why not incorporate some of those changes into your approach permanently?

Shopping is just as much about the experience as it is about the products themselves, and endless bargain shoes on shelves don’t exactly attract the eye. This marketing campaign shows that young people like Payless Shoes, they just don’t like Payless stores.

It also shows that if something sounds Italian enough, people will assume it’s designer. Accordingly, please keep an eye out for my upcoming brand of culinary-inspired handbags,  Calzoné.

Tell The Gen Z In Your Life: This Brand Is Offering Paid Internships For Wannabe Influencers

This is surely a sign of the end times.

Speak to any Gen Z, and there’s a good chance they’ll tell you they want to become an Instagram influencer, and then laugh as you experience the five stages of grief over the fact that this is now a job young people want.

Since 85% of Gen Z uses social media to learn about new products, and 40% of teenagers say their favourite YouTuber understands them better than their real friends, brands are increasingly tapping into the influencer market to advertise their products on social media, instead of relying on more traditional ads.

This is where OPPO, a phone company, saw an opportunity. They’ve announced an ‘Influencer Internship‘ that involves travelling around Australia and New Zealand, taking photos with the latest OPPO phone, sharing photos to OPPO’s social media channels, and learning from ‘established influencers’ Milly Bannister, KOTravellers, Nicole Millar and Libby Kay, none of whom I’ve heard of.

The successful intern will travel to somewhere in Australia or New Zealand six times over the course of three months, take photos for Instagram, and update Instagram stories. This sounds a lot less labour-intensive than most internships, but if everyone’s dream is to work as an influencer, maybe this is what work will look like in the future.

While it is a legitimate paid internship, it’s also a fantastic marketing ploy. I hadn’t heard of the brand before this stunt, and now I’m writing about them.

OPPO’s Managing Director told ten daily:

“We can see that in the not so distant future we will employ and train full time influencers, in much the same way you would any employee.”

On the one hand, I’m happy to see interns getting paid, but on the other hand, this has made me very depressed about the state of the world. I might go into more detail in my next thoughtful Instagram caption.

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