There Weren’t Playing When They Said The Sabrina The Teenage Witch Remake Is Dark So Watch This Trailer With The Lights On

I thought it was going to be Riverdale ‘dark’ not Suspiria dark.

Behold the first trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the anticipated Netflix teen horror witchcraft show.

They warned us that this was not going to be along the happy-go-lucky witchcraft vibes of beloved 90s/00s show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so much as a the horror aesthetic of the 2014 comic book reboot it’s actually based off.

And damn, when they said dark they meant dark.

Sabrina, played by Mad Men’Kiernan Shipka, is forced to choose between a normal teenage life and committing her soul to some kind of evil witch cult and it seems like a lot to handle on your sweet 16th birthday. 

The trailer lures you into a false sense of security with the teen sweethearts (Harvey!!!) flirting and what not, then before you know it there are undead creatures dragging Sabrina through the forest.

This is much more American Horror Story than Riverdale so prepare yourself for a seriously spooky Halloween.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina drops on Netflix on October 26, although I may be too weak to handle the glossy teen horror of this show.

At least after substantial stress, we finally have confirmation that Salem the sassy cat is in the remake. Win!

Dear Tan, Please Appreciate How Well Dressed All Your Queer Eye’d Heroes Are At Their Self-Organised Meetup

Of course actual angels Mamma Tammye and Skylar pioneered this adorable Queer Eye reunion and of course it's at Mamma Tammye's remodelled Community Centre.

The only thing better than watching the heroes of Queer Eye flourish post-Fab-Five-makeover, is watching them flourish together.

So the pictures from the big, self-organised group meetup of Queer Eye’d folks from seasons one and two are giving me life. They had their reunion in the beautifully remodelled space (thank you Bobby) of Mamma Tammye’s Church Community Centre and shared an incredibly wholesome group picture with the world to warm our hearts.

In the group shot you can see Neal Reddy from season one looking sharp, absolute daddy Bobby Camp serving serious Mark Ruffalo vibes, policeman Cory Waldrop, handyman and Burning Man lover Jason Vogelsang, stand-up comedian Joe Gallois and the hopelessly in love William Mahnken looking dapper.

In front of that handsome line-up of dudes we have young pianist Sean VanMeter, Queer Eye’s first female hero Mama Tammye Hicks and her son Myles, and beside her Skyler Jay, Queer Eye’s first trans hero.


One thing that is blatantly clear is that this is a group of superbly well-dressed individuals. I see a whole lot of loud patterned shirts, some french tucks and some quality grooming that would make the whole Fab Five entirely proud. Well done team.

By the sounds of things, the pioneers behind the meetup were of course, Mamma Tammye and Skyler, and we should be getting some footage of the Queer Eye party soon!

Judging by the social media posts, the whole crew had a good time meeting each other and bonding over having their lives touched by the Fab Five. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous but mostly I’m happy for them all.

I hope someday I get a hug from Mamma Tammye too! And Bobby Camp because seriously…damn.

Netflix Renews Gross Fat-Shaming Show Insatiable For A Second Season, Proving There’s No Such Thing As Bad Press I Guess

It seems Netflix doesn’t mind if we hate the show so long as we’re talking about it.

Insatiable might just take the crown for the most controversial Netflix show of the year, which is a big claim considering the second season of 13 Reasons Why was pretty messed up.

And yet, in spite of a resounding distaste for Insatiable, Netflix has renewed it for another season.

The premise of Insatiable is undeniably problematic. It’s a thin actress (Debby Ryan) in a fat suit portraying a high schooler who is ridiculed for her weight until she has her jaw literally wired shut, goes through an extreme body transformation and proceeds to enjoy newfound power and popularity.

It’s a mess of fat-shaming bordering on advocating for eating disorders and there was a petition to get the show cancelled because of the damage it can do to young audiences in particular.

After the trailer came out, the near entirety of the internet slammed the show, and when the full first season was released, viewers and critics alike confirmed that it was even worse than expected.

So why the hell did Netflix renew Insatiable for a second season? This is one of the worst calls the streaming platform has made and we can only hope that season two flops.

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