Tickets To Childish Gambino’s Sydney Show Are Re-Selling For Illegally Hiked Prices Because Nothing Is Sacred To These People

How anyone could fathom giving up a Childish Gambino ticket for any price is beyond me.

For anyone who missed out on tickets to Childish Gambino’s immediate-sell-out shows at the Sydney Opera House forecourt – worry not! Spineless scalpers are re-selling their tickets for hundreds and hundreds of dollars! So there’s that.

Tickets sold out within seconds of going on sale, and it only took a few more seconds before they started showing up on Ticketmaster’s own re-sale service – many for double the price.

Such a shame so many people snatched up tickets only to realise they couldn’t go a few seconds later!

Now there are tickets to Childish Gambino’s Sydney shows being sold across pretty much all the controversial third party re-sale websites, and the prices have gotten wildly out of hand.

Over at the infamous ticket marketplace, Viagogo, there are multiple listings for tickets to the Gambino show on Wednesday November 14, for up to $889.

$889??? For real???

Friendly reminder to everyone that Viagogo does not have the most trustworthy reputation.

ALSO a friendly reminder to everyone and especially these godless scalpers that NSW has new laws in place that dictate it’s illegal to resell tickets for more than 10% of the original price.

The new laws also require sellers to display the original ticket price on the listing. The clear violation of the legislation leaves individuals at risk of an $11,000 fine and the business could (and should) cop a $22,000 fine.

Criticism of the new laws claimed that they don’t go far enough to force re-sale companies to comply, so we’ll see if the NSW Government tackles this Gambino re-sale rip-off disaster.

In the meantime, we 100% recommend you DO NOT get scammed buy tickets for a crazy re-sell price, accept that you’re just not going to Childish Gambino in concert, and maybe watch some Atlanta instead to soothe your Donald Glover-woes.

Same same but different.

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