Childish Gambino's Australian Tour, Including His Headlining Slot At The Spilt Milk Festival, Has Been Cancelled Due To A Foot Injury

Tour promoters Live Nation are working on rescheduling the sold-out tour.

Apologies to fans of Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, Troy Barnes, or Lando Calrissian: The sold-out Australian leg of the Childish Gambino tour has been cancelled.

The cancellation is due to a foot injury Glover sustain during a Dallas concert last month and follows a string of gig cancellations across the globe.

In a statement, the ‘This Is America’ singer said “I’m not ready to put on 100% shows. Apologies to the fans. I will be back soon.”

Tour promoters Live Nation have promised fans that they are working to reschedule all the dates of the tour, and will have more information soon.

Meanwhile, the Spilt Milk Festival, where Childish Gambino was set to headline, has put out a statement noting both his eleventh-hour cancellation and the difficulty in finding a replacement headliner at such short notice:

An artist the calibre of Childish Gambino can never truly be replaced so close to event day, but we will be announcing an exciting line up addition shortly.

Refunds are available from October 30 via Moshtix until November 1, 2018 at 3pm AEST

While it’s a sad day for ticketholders and fans alike, the best we can hope for is that Donald Glover has a speedy recovery.

We May Have Finally Found The Solution To Booking Fees, The Overall Worst Part Of Any Ticket-Buying Experience

Because if we're going to pay $10 on top of the ticket price, it may as well go towards something.

Booking fees: they’re the worst part about buying tickets to anything. Sure, internet shit-fights for in-demand tickets and scalpers both rank up there, but at worst they’re variables that can affect some, but not all, ticket-buying experiences.

Booking fees, however, are consistent. They’re a pure, constant annoyance; like taxes, but worse because at least we kind of know what taxes pay for. They’re the Nickelback of bad things we inevitably spend our money on.

One company, however, hopes to change that in a roundabout way. Humanitix, a Sydney-based not-for-profit, wants to redirect ticket booking fees to some good causes – up to thirty of them, in fact.

Simply, when promoters create an event on Humanitix, they can select which charity they’d like all booking fees to be forwarded to, whether it’s improving literacy in the third world, or supplying meals to those living rough on the street.

Who knew that the way to finally make booking fees good and useful was through altruism?

Humanitix was launched in 2015, and is, relatively speaking, still in its infancy. Which is where you come in. Humanitix is currently a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge, with the winner of a $1 Million prize going down to a public vote.

So if you think the idea of putting booking fees to better use is a good one, give Humanitix a vote here.

FX Have Revealed That Marvel Killed Donald Glover’s Deadpool TV Show, Probably Because There Was Too Much Donald Glover In It

"It wasn’t our decision" the network CEO bluntly said.

You may remember how, for a while at least, a Deadpool animated TV show was in the works. Produced by absolute wonder-kid Donald Glover in conjunction with American network FX, who also produce Archer, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Glover’s own Atlanta, it was set to bring the same type of meta-wit that Deadpool brings to big screen into our lounge rooms/computers/phones/wherever, really.

Then, it was suddenly cancelled. Donald, for the record, was not happy, tweeting out (and hastily deleting) a fake “script” for the pilot episode.

A small part of the now-deleted script.

Now, CEO of FX John Landgraf has told Variety that it was Marvel’s decision, not his, to can the show.

We would have done show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn’t our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them as did Donald and Stephen.

By the sounds of it, it was specifically Glover’s vision, with his brother Stephen, that was cause for concern at Marvel’s end. Which, when you consider that most of Glover’s work to date has dealt heavily in ethics, politics, and loads of other stuff that might draw the ire of a Disney-owned company, is something that is unfortunately predictable, and that we totally called, by the way.

Even Troy Barnes knew.

In any case, Landgraf (aside: what a cool surname?) said that he believes that Marvel might still make a Deadpool TV show, saying, “They own the IP and they have the rights to do an animated adult series based on any of the X-Men characters and based on Deadpool specifically.”

However, it’s highly unlikely that any future Deadpool TV show would go ahead with Glover’s vision.

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