Childish Gambino Brings The Heat Early With A Bonkers Animated 'Feels Like Summer' Music Video Featuring Every Hip-Hop Artist You Have On Your Spotify Playlist

Donald Glover at his most Donald Gloverest. Except everything is animated.

At this point in the timeline of pop culture, anything Donald Glover – aka Childish Gambino – puts out is expected to be equal parts brilliant and bonkers.

Just watch his brilliant “This Is America” music video or his equally-brilliant TV show Atlanta and you’ll likely find yourself in the mindset of “I don’t know what I’m watching but it is awesome”.

And now that little mantra has held true with Gambino’s newest offering: a completely out-there animated music video for his recently-released song “Feels Like Summer”.

Co-directed by Gambino, Ivan Dixon, and Greg Sharp, and animated by Justin Richburg, the whole thing is a four-minute symphony to the surreal as it depicts Gambino walking down a neighbourhood that’s populated by essentially every popular hip-hop artist on your Spotify playlist.

But instead of looking and being cool, all these hip-hop artists are like those annoying 10-year-old kids who get up to no good.

There’s Nicki Minaj getting upset at Travis Scott for knocking over her block castle, Pusha-T stealing Drake’s bike (which I could totally see happen in real life), and ASAP Rocky and Solange playing tug of war with the Weeknd.

But by far the best and most memorable cameo is the one of Kanye West because not only is he depicted as a crying mess in a Make American Great Again hat, Michelle Obama is the one who comforts poor sniffling Yeezy. That’s also something I can totally see happen in real life.

Unfortunately for all of us in Australia, the video is unavailable to watch because of regional restrictions and because life just doesn’t want us to have nice things. So unless you have something like a VPN, watching the “Feels Like Summer” video ain’t (sadly) happening and you’re gonna have to trawl Twitter or other places to get your Childish Gambino fix.

But still, if this is what Glover can do if given the keys to an animation playset, then Marvel really messed up by not letting him do that Deadpool TV series we all wanted.

Buckingham Palace Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin With Epic Changing The Guard Showcase Because The Queen Of Soul Deserves As Much Respect As The Queen Of England

Heartwarming to see respect being paid to all the Queens at Buckingham Palace.

Tributes have been pouring in for the late and great Aretha Franklin over the last couple of weeks.

Some have been heartfelt retrospectives into the Queen of Soul’s long and illustrious career, like when she absolutely killed it on The Blues Brothers. Other attempted tributes haven’t gone so swimmingly, like Madonna‘s weird and self-serving speech at the VMAs in which she repeatedly patted herself on the back.

But if you’re the guards of Buckingham Palace, you pay respect to the Queen of Soul like you would to the Queen of England.

During Buckingham Palace’s usual changing of the guard procedure, which coincided with Franklin’s funeral, the guards threw away the usual set list of military tunes in favour of the music legend’s iconic tune “Respect”.

If it sounds perfect on paper, it’s even more perfect seeing it all unfold on video.

While that pitch-perfect tribute was going on at Buckingham Palace, Detroit was honouring Franklin with its own pitch-perfect tribute as stars and celebrities lined up to pay their respects to the singer.

Amongst the event’s many great performers – which included Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino –  Ariana Grande’s spine-tingling rendition of “Natural Woman” was something else.

Given how the Buckingham Palace guards are all about protecting and respecting the Queen, it’s heartwarming and all too appropriate for them to extend the exact same level of R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the late Queen of Soul.

Be Inspired By The Committed Pettiness Of The Woman Who Blared Opera Non-Stop At Her Neighbours For 16 Years

You have to hand it to her, that's some serious dedication and conviction.

Sometimes in the face of adversity from annoying people, you just gotta dip your toes into the passive-aggressive pool in order to gain a measure of revenge.

But while I do things like strategically placed post-it notes or changing the Wi-Fi name to something snarky, it all pales in comparison to what a Slovakian woman from the town of Sturovo did.

What this woman did was rewrite the book on passive-aggressiveness by relentlessly blasting loud opera music from her home at her neighbours for 16 years.

16. Years.

This Jim Halpert level of annoyance stems from a neighbourhood dog’s loud barking, which eventually pushed the Slovakian woman’s patience past breaking point. Throwing common sense out the window because it really isn’t necessary for a conflict like this, she responded by pumping out some loud tunes from her home entertainment system to drown out dog.

And it wasn’t just any old tune either.

Eschewing annoying staples like “Macarena”, “Barbie Girl”, or “All About That Bass”, the woman’s song of choice was a four-minute aria from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”. If you’re going to really drive someone crazy, might as well do it with some class.

This is a whole new level of game-changing passive-aggressiveness. This is like introducing 3D to the movies or subwoofers to car stereos.

After 16 relentless years of driving her neighbours crazy with opera, the woman was finally arrested by the police on charges of harassment and malicious persecution, and could face up to three years of prison.

While this is joyous relief for the woman’s neighbours, you’d think that they would’ve done something by about the third year of hearing “La Traviata”.

As it turns out, the woman may have been even pettier than we initially thought.

According to Hungarian reports (aided with a dodgy translation from Google), the woman managed to evade any repercussion because she blasted the music between the allowed 6am to 10pm window at just under the legal noise limit. This kind of jump-roping with loopholes meant that the woman got away with her opera crusade for over a decade and a half before finally being arrested, mainly because even the legal system got tired of her shenanigans.

As a cherry on top, the woman actually stopped her music assault in 2015, only to start it up again for some reason two years later.

I think a round of applause is in order for this Slovakian woman. Not only has she raised the bar in vindictive pettiness, but her conviction in pursuing her annoyance agenda for 16 years is truly inspiring, especially since the barking dog would’ve passed away well before she finally got arrested.

Take a bow, you crazy, opera-loving person.

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