Jessie J Made Channing Tatum Post A Naked Picture On Instagram Over A Bet And Suddenly I'm On Board With Their Relationship

Well done Jessie.

Channing Tatum’s relationship with musician Jessie J naturally is not a crowd favourite due to the fact that his marriage with Jenna Dewan was. But if anything is going to help you accept the new reality of this celebrity and absolute stranger’s dating life, it’s this.

As a result of a bet, resident hottie-with-a-body Channing Tatum had to post a photo of Jessie J’s choosing on Instagram.

And our girl really came through.

YES. That is a picture of Channing Tatum butt naked and showering. The careful hand placement/censorship of the image can be undone if you just use your imagination.

Even though we might still be feeling wounded from Channing Tatum’s break up and weird about his shows of public affection for his new lady friend (remember his improvised love tribute rap???), you have to admit, they seem pretty happy.

They play Jenga! And make bets! There are nekd photos involved! Sounds like things are going swimmingly.

So thank you Jessie J, for this wonderful gift. You guys are alright.

Would Chris Hemsworth Be A Bottom? The Important Question Raised By One Accidentally-Thottie Video

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Let us preface this thought experiment by saying that yes, we are aware that the extremely famous, hot and talented Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth is married with kids to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. As far as we know, he is straight.

However, that does not stop the land of hypotheticals being a fun place to play, and right now people are very much playing with the question: Would Chris Hemsworth be a bottom?

It’s a question that was prompted by footage of Hemsworth feeding a quokka. The close ups on his Instagram are very wholesome, but the wide shot has a potent accidental-thot vibe.

The arched back crouching position that is making Hemsworth look like a beautifully sculpted masterpiece has stirred up a lot of thirsty conversation on Twitter, and the general consensus is that yes, Chris Hemsworth would be a bottom.

In case you’re not fully across the LGBTQ+ lingo, bottoming refers to being the person who usually ‘receives’ in sex. To be more specific, we are talking about receiving anal.

The theory that Chris Hemsworth would be a bottom is just harmless fantasising over a hot celebrity, no better or worse than women thirsting after the same hottie. Fantasy land can transcend a celebrity’s real life sexual orientation, just as it can transcend the laws of probability, physics, and whatever other boundaries your imagination can cross.

And though it is just theory, the evidence is rather compelling.

The reactions are also priceless.

At the end of the day, Chris Hemsworth can be whoever you want him to be in your fantasy. So if you want him to be a bottom, it’s your lucky day because this unintentionally-sultry Quokka video is the perfect stimulus.

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