Naomi Campbell Fighting Grubs On A Plane Will Give You Life

Well, that was unexpected.

When I think of relatable celebrities, names like Kristen Bell, Mindy Kaling, or Tom Hanks come to mind.

You know, the kinds of celebs that while being uber-talented, and beautiful, and rich, still come across as approachable. In some extraordinary universe, maybe they’d even have a coffee with you; a fellow human. And they wouldn’t judge you for wearing shoes from two seasons ago, either.

One celebrity I would never consider relatable is Naomi Campbell.

Campbell is one of the five “original” supermodels. At 49 years old she looks hotter than most 25-year-olds, despite “never dieting” and “never working out”. And her toothbrush is probably worth more than your car*.

*I made that up, but who knows…

In a rare move from the model, however, we’ve been treated to some insight into her personal life. The supermodel uploaded a video to YouTube this week, showcasing her regular travel routine.

While the majority of her experience is grossly unattainable, there were elements that were surprisingly normal…well, kind of.

“I love being in the air. I love being everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.”

OMG me too, Naomi!

Wearing a casual silk Burberry two-piece (her outfit apparently cost a cool 8,550 AUD), one of Campbell’s first stops is a duty-free store so she can stock up on Twix.

Image: NBC

“You know what? I’m getting this, and I don’t care,” she says.

Treat yourself, love! Twix bars are delicious.

She then takes us through her flight routine, where she busts out a packet of Dettol wipes and cleans anything her skin might come into contact with – all while wearing gloves, of course.

“Clean anything you touch,” she says in the video.

“Anything you could possibly touch.”

Getting ready to board a flight…
Image: Disney

After what seems like six hours of wiping – which I’d be willing to bet drove other first-class passengers to do the same – she tells the camera:

“I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health.”  

I’m personally just impressed to see that she is cleaning the seat herself, rather than asking her assistant to do it.

The last step in her routine? A protective mask to keep germs at bay.

“I just can’t. This is my protection from people’s coughing and sneezing.”

I get it, Naomi. People are gross.

The video has naturally gone viral, with fans all-over lapping up the lesson in travel etiquette à la Campbell.

The biggest lesson from all of this, however, is that if first-class flyers are *this* worried about germs, we economy travellers have no hope.

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