Mark Ruffalo's Clapback On Ellen DeGeneres' Friendship With Dubya Is Spot On

He's angry and you'll like it.

After photos of Ellen DeGeneres rubbing shoulders with former US president George W Bush surfaced, people weren’t quite sure how to react to one of Hollywood‘s most likable celebs being mates with one of the most controversial US presidents in recent memory.

Ellen has since responded to critics by saying yes she and George W Bush are mates but it is possible for people with opposing views to be friends so let’s all just drop the hate and embrace some good ol’ fashioned kindness.

It’s a pretty standard Ellen DeGeneres response for a touchy subject that got some positive responses, particularly from her celebrity mates. But some folks are calling on her BS and one person who’s having none of it is none other than Mark Ruffalo.

The star took to Twitter and went to town on Ellen for her kindness stance by reminding everyone all the atrocities that occurred when George W Bush was US president.

Say what you will about Ellen and Dubya’s friendship but Mark’s tweet highlights a very good point about this whole saga.

Spreading kindness is one thing but painting George W Bush as a goofy granddad is dangerous as it not only normalises him but it brushes all the horrible stuff he’s done when he was in office – which Mark Ruffalo has summed up in one tweet far better than I could in an entire article – under the rug and reducing it to nothing more than a difference in opinion.

Yes it is possible for people to change for the better and it’s a good thing to be mates with others who have different views, but when the person in question hasn’t apologised or even acknowledged all the atrocities he’s had a hand in, it’s tough to buy into Ellen’s kindness schtick.

So hats off to Mark Ruffalo for calling this whole Ellen DeGeneres/George W Bush thing out as the debacle as it is. If it means he won’t be appearing on Ellen any more, well it’s a small price to pay.

A Creepy Dude Tracked Down A Pop Star By Examining The Reflection In Her Eyes In Her Selfies

Time to start wearing non-reflective sunnies everywhere.

Millions of people post selfies onto social media every day without a care in the world, maybe except for the number of likes they may get. Well folks, it might be time to start sharing fewer photos of yourself because some creepy dude managed to track down a pop idol using only her eye’s reflection in her selfies.

According to Japanese media reports (via Asia One), Japanese idol Ena Matsuoka was attacked outside her home in September by an obsessive fan, who managed to figure out her address by zooming in on the reflection of her eyes in her selfies.

The creepy fan reportedly managed to identify a bus stop and other notable scenery from the reflection of Matsuoka’s eyes before matching those details to a street address using Google Maps.

Just to demonstrate how thorough the fan was, they even managed to get a rough idea on the floor level the Japanese idol lived on based on the details of her windows and the angle of sunlight in her eyes.

The fan was reportedly arrested on September 17 and he admitted to authorities that he did what he did because he’s just a huge fan of Matsuoka. Well okay then.

Yes. Yes it is.

With that level of creepy dedication, it really makes you wonder what impact folks like those can unleash if they channeled that energy into something positive and constructive.

Sadly, this kind of fan obsession is not uncommon in the Asian pop scene and there have been several high-profile cases of stalking and assault in recent years. While there have been increasing calls to provide better security for idols from creepy dudes (the worst ones are almost always dudes), things are progressing at a painstakingly slow rate (which is a story for another day).

So next time you’re posting a selfie onto social media, just keep in mind that you’re probably exposing more than your pores.

Joker Isn't Causing Violence, But It Is Making People Super Horny

Hey, whatever rocks your boat.

Todd Phillips has caused quite a bit of a stir with Joker, partly due to his tone-deaf comments and partly due to the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film‘s violence. While the movie hasn’t triggered any rise in incel violence, it has caused something else to unexpectedly rise: Pornhub searches.

According to Pornhub Insights, the release of Joker has caused searches for the film and “Jocker” (that’s not a typo) dramatically spike. In the film’s first four days of release, the site saw over 741k searches with a peak of 291k on October 6 alone.

That’s… a lot of clowning around.

Good stuff all you horny folk out there!

Interestingly, this is the first time the Joker has lit up Pornhub’s search list like a blue light shining on a porn set. He did make a minuscule appearance when Suicide Squad was released in 2016 but folks were far more interested Harley Quinn than whatever Jared Leto brought to the table.

Folks who were searching for a clown looking to get down weren’t just limiting themselves to Pornhub though. Fellow adult video site xHamster reported (via LADbible) an eye-opening 1,309% rise in Joker-related searches, which in the words of xHamster VP Alex Hawkins is “weird” yet also “astounding.”

Those numbers are just, well:

We shouldn’t be too surprised that horny folks are searching up Joker stuff on Pornhub or wherever as it’s simply Rule 34 (“if it exists, there’s porn of it”) at work.

Hell, the same thing happened when those Area 51 raids were the talk of the town so people getting turned on by Joker or Joaquin Phoenix in clown make-up is far from the weirdest thing that’s been searched.

There may be various problems with Todd Phillips’ film but if any potential instances of violence is nullified due to people wanting to (virtually) bone the Clown Prince of Crime, that’s a win-win for everyone.

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