Charlie Sheen Is An Awful Human Being But He's Done More For HIV Education Than The UN

Albeit, unintentionally.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Charlie Sheen is a pretty shoddy human being.

His infamous, headline-grabbing personal and professional dalliances could fill a novel, he accidentally shot a former fiance and allegedly assaulted another. Oh and he’s an anti-vaxxer so he’s got that going for him too.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move onto the one actual good thing he’s done: doing more for HIV education than what most UN events do, albeit unintentionally.

I know, doing good things and Charlie Sheen are like water and oil: they don’t mix.

Sheen publicly announced that he was HIV positive in 2015 and had kept it secret since being diagnosed with the virus in 2011. This didn’t surprise anyone at the time given all his aforementioned personal dalliances. What did surprise everyone was the way he revealed it.

Most probably expected he would enter into a room of assembled media while borne aloft on a bed of swan feathers by a couple of greased up eunuchs as Guns n’ Roses played in the background.

Instead, what we got was a surprisingly responsible announcement where he brought his doctor with him on the air and explained in easy-to-understand language the complexity of HIV and how the virus can be made undetectable.

That’s…actually pretty cool of him.

Sheen’s HIV reveal also had the unintended side effect of raising awareness about the virus. According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, Sheen’s announcement corresponded with the “greatest number of HIV-related Google searches ever recorded in the United States.”

It turns out the people weren’t just looking for celebrity gossip about the weird dude who likes tiger blood. They also wanted to know about HIV, how to protect themselves from it and how to get tested.

The spike in searches and stories hours after Sheen’s big announcement was pure pandemonium. HIV symptom searches were 540% higher than normal, HIV testing searches jumped 214%, condom searches rose by 72% and the number of news stories about HIV had a 265% boost.

Researchers named this phenomenon “The Charlie Sheen Effect”, calling it the “most significant domestic HIV prevention event in the last decade”, so much so that it’s impact has eclipsed most things and events the UN has done for HIV education.

Make no mistake that this doesn’t make Sheen less of an awful person, but it does show how a celebrity can use their fame to educate people about important causes..

Perhaps Sheen’s responsible public announcement of his HIV diagnosis should be the model for what famous people suffering from illnesses should do.

Audiences care about celebrities so why not leverage that amount of pull to get more valuable learnings out in the open rather than keep everything under wraps.

Ireland Baldwin's Family Commenting On Her Bikini Pic Will Make You Feel A Lot Less Awkward About Your Relos

Maybe just don't leave comments at all next time.

When you post a picture of yourself wearing nearly nothing on social media, you’re definitely going to get a bunch of reactions and comments.

But when you’re Ireland Baldwin and you post a photo of yourself wearing nearly nothing, you get cringey comments from your dad and uncle.

Look, I’ve got nothing against people posting revealing photos of themselves on Instagram. People can do what they want because it’s their body after all. Hell, I’d do it all the time if I had a photoworthy rig.

What I don’t approve of is when relatives leave comments on said revealing photos because it’s just weird.

Alec’s “I’m sorry. What?” comment is pretty tame but still really weird purely because he decided to leave a comment on Ireland’s photo in the first place.

But Billy really takes the cake with his “Tough one for Uncle Billy to ‘like'” comment because that’s just off-the-charts creepy.

Firstly, he called himself “Uncle Billy”. What kind of sane person refers to themselves in the third-person like that? And not only did he throw in #awkward as a sort of “I’m cool and hip!” thing, he added a heart at the end.

He added a frigging heart.

Nightmares for weeks to come.

While this doesn’t make Alec and “Uncle” Billy the worst Baldwins – that title will forever belong to Stephen – they definitely didn’t score any points in the “sane family member” column.

If we needed more proof that Baldwin women are the cool ones while Baldwin men are super creepy and/or weird, we just got it.

Word of advice to older folks who are friends with younger family members on social media: don’t comment on anything posted by anyone, ever, and save everyone from the inevitable awkward family dinner conversation later.

This Grub Using His Feet To Pick A Movie On A Plane Is Not Alone, Sadly

If you do this, you belong in a zoo not a commercial flight.

Flying on a plane is quite the experience. You’re thousands of kilometres in the air, food is delivered straight to your seat, and there are several newish movies and shows at your disposal that’ll make the hours fly by.

But there’s always someone on every flight who has to make it an ordeal for everyone by being an absolute grub.

Case in point: people who use their feet to pick a movie, like this grub right here.

Okay that’s just filthy on so many levels. There are other people who’ll have to use the screen afterwards and doing something like this is a recipe for spreading bacteria around.

Sadly, this grub is far from the only slobby passenger you may come across on a flight.

You might have those who insist on not wearing shoes, not unlike the slob above. Look, a plane is not a living room and wandering around without shoes is just disgusting, especially around the shared toilets where there’s fluids all over the floor and not all of it came from the tap.

And let’s not even get into those folks who put their feet up against the seats in front of them. They’re the absolute worst.

It’s not just shoes as there are folk who insist on changing clothes while on a flight. That’s fine except when those clothes are things like singlets or tight. I get that they’re comfortable but no one wants to deal with your sweaty, exposed pits.

And for those with long hair, please keep it tidy. It may not be as gross as bare feet but having someone’s hair spilling out all over my screen is a close second.

It’s not hard to keep hygiene levels respectable while not bothering your fellow passengers. People any of the aforementioned gross things while on a plane deserve to be in a zoo, not a commercial flight.

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