We Have Our First Look At The Live-Action Dora the Explorer Movie And Yeah, It Looks Very Weird And Deeply Unsettling

There's just something deeply unsettling about seeing her in the flesh.

You know those photosets or videos you sometimes see on Facebook of a bunch of things that are just not right? Like a single book out of order, or someone eating a Kit-Kat the wrong way?

You know how, despite the fact that everything is actually fine with the world, it makes you feel deeply unsettled, like something is fundamentally wrong with the world?


Unfortunately, we must add another cursed image to that ever-growing list: The first official picture of actress Isabela Moner as the live-action version of the pre-school cartoon character Dora The Explorer.

Whilst this image is definitely “official”, the best way to describe it is akin to those hyper-realistic drawings of cartoon characters that try to give them semi-human facets like proper skins and hair.

Just look at it. This is a crime upon nature itself.

And yes, that is the hyper-violent Sicario: Day Of the Soldado being mentioned in the same breath as Dora The Explorer, a cartoon character for literal babies.

Even more concerning is that the movie is being produced by Platinum Dunes, which is headed by the king of explosions himself, Michael Bay, and Paramount Pictures, the studio that just tried to kill Tom Cruise for the sixth time in two decades.

Look, I’ve got nothing. This is just… It’s something? This is way too unsettling and strange and if it were up to us, we’d forget about it completely.

Unfortunately, it’s coming out in August 2019, whether we like it or not.

The Big Bang Theory Might Be Wrapping Up For Good Very Soon, So Maybe Start Watching Young Sheldon Instead If That's Your Thing

They're yet to lock down the thirteenth season for the hit show.

Behemoth sitcom The Big Bang Theory may soon be coming to an end, according to statements by network executives and the show’s stars.


Johnny Galecki, who plays series lead Leonard, has said that he wants to show to end after the upcoming 12th season, set to premiere in a month’s time.

“The only way we’ve discussed wrapping the show is we’re all going to be very sad when that day comes,” he said. “I think at this point everyone is very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families.”

However, executives at the CBS network, who screen the show in the US, have said that they’ve begun “preliminary talks” with the show’s production company to secure a 13th season of the show, according to Variety.

News that, by the way, came as a show to the show’s co-creator Bill Prady.

In any case, if you’re keen on that Bazinga action, it may be worth jumping ship to Young Sheldon. A show which, according to at least the one member of the GOAT team who would admit to watching it, has already surpassed its predecessor in quality.

Sorry To Bother You Is One Of The Best Movies Of 2018 But Doesn’t Have An Aussie Release Date Yet

And, if director Boots Riley is to be believed, won't have one for some time.

Sorry To Bother You is set to be one of the most talked-about movies of the year.  It’s a wicked blend of genres with political satire that’s gotten audiences stateside hooked.

However, its viral success has yet to convert one key group of people: international film distributors.

Sorry To Bother You director Boots Riley outlined in Twitter that, despite many other, less-successful films getting international distribution deals, his film still hasn’t.

The reason? Supposedly his film is “too black” for international audiences, which (presumably) would include Australia.


Of course, the idea that Sorry To Bother You is “too black” for Australia (or any other nation outside of the USA, for that matter) doesn’t hold under any scrutiny.

Aside from the very important fact that Australia has its own communities of colour, the second-highest-grossing film of this year is still Marvel’s Black Panther, bringing in a whopping $35 million locally.

In addition, Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning horror flick Get Out made $4.6 million in the local box office last year, beating the total gross of other big names such as The LEGO Ninjago Movie and John Wick Chapter 2. This, despite the release for Get Out also being heavily delayed locally.

Boots is calling on movie fans, especially those from international markets (that’s us!) to make their voices heard on social media if they ever want to see Sorry To Bother You on their cinema screens.


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