Carrie Fisher Messing With Her Co-Stars From Beyond The Grave Made My Day

No one's ever really gone.

If you can believe it, it’s been nearly three years since we lost Carrie Fisher. I know. We lost her right at the end of 2016, a year that will go down in history as an incredibly crappy year and the year that everybody cool died. The only thing we’d ever expect of Carrie would be that she’d be back to haunt all of us for the rest of time, and it seems that our assumption was correct.

Over in California, the cast and director of the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker got together for a press conference and preview of the movie. A question came up for director, J.J. Abrams, about how he worked Carrie Fisher into the film and how he chose what footage to use.

While he was answering, he mentioned the lighting and as he did, a light went off. Seriously, it was the eeriest timing ever.

“Hi, Carrie!” he called.

Obviously, everybody who watched the video burst into tears, or at least did on the inside. Mark Hamil has posted about her following him around before, but this is probably the most dramatic moment that we’ve all been able to see. Even J.J. Abrams makes a point of noting that “that’s so Carrie, by the way.”

Carrie passing away was a massive punch in the gut whether you were into Star Wars or not. Her role as Leia was incredibly iconic, but she was also a woman who was never afraid to tell people (or the entire world) exactly what it was that she thought. Losing her felt like losing a friend, no matter who you were.

I must admit though, it’s nice to know that she’s still around giving her opinions on everything. I’d love to know her opinion on Baby Yoda tbh, but I guess we’ll just have to imagine.

Whatever Carrie is up to in the afterlife, I’m not that surprised that at least some of it involves messing with her old co-stars. Hopefully she was pleased that we all followed her wishes and wrote that her death was caused by drowning in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

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Our New Lord And Saviour Baby Yoda Is Leading The US Presidential Race

Vote for him, I would.

The main reason I’ve been on the internet at all over the last couple of weeks is Baby Yoda. If we were beginning to think we’d seen the end of him though, this morning he crashed back on to our screens by drinking soup and being revealed as the frontrunner in the US 2020 election campaign.

I’m behind on my work now because I’ve spent half an hour looking at Baby Yoda gifs

A major way of tracking how a politician – or any public figure, really – is doing with the public is by seeing how many social media hits they get, and the sort of feedback left in the comments sections. The more clicks and comments you have, the better you’re generally doing.

(Unless you’ve majorly bombed out on a post, but that’s a whole other story.)

Look! At! Him!

Between the 12th and 25th of November, some people at Axios kept track of how many interactions all the posts about different Democratic candidates got, and compared them to Baby Yoda. Bernie Sanders averaged 850 interactions on every post, 839 for Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg came in third with an average of 600 interactions per post.

Baby Yoda averaged 1,671.

Baby Yoda made his adorable debut to the world in the same week that former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick announced that they were going to join the race to the White House. Pretty massive news in the world of politics, and yet Baby Yoda still got ten times the attention they did.

As if Baby Yoda wouldn’t get all the attention tbh

I would even go so far as to bet that the comments on Baby Yoda posts are overwhelmingly positive (let’s be real, it’s mostly just me crying over him on my keyboard), whereas you basically need a hazmat suit if you’ve ever wanted to delve into the comments section of a politicians social media.

Baby Yoda hasn’t officially announced his run for the Presidency yet, but he absolutely has the support to get there. And if a billionaire without any political experience can make it to the White House, then so can a tiny, green 50 year old, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

The First Baby Yoda Merch Is Out, And Frankly We Deserve Better

Terrible, this is.

Star Wars has crashed back onto our screens in a major way over the last few years, and the newest TV series, The Mandalorian, is just as popular as you’d expect. You don’t have to have watched the series though to know all about the main breakout star of the show: Baby Yoda. 

Forget cats and baby alpacas, Baby Yoda is the internet’s current obsession, and for damn good reason. Just look at it.

I can’t.

(I promise I put a gif there. If it disappears, just assume that Disney has actually succeeded on their mission to wipe the internet of Baby Yoda gifs).

With Christmas approaching faster than anybody would like to acknowledge right now, it seems like the perfect time to bring out some amazing merch. Let’s be real, we’d buy pretty much anything with its little face on it.

It looks like the merchandisers knew that too, because the first official merch is… yeah look it’s a bit crap.

I’m willing to accept that Disney wasn’t actually prepared for the astronomical popularity of Baby Yoda. Maybe they hadn’t realised quite how desperate we all are for something good to cling to amongst all the bad news on the internet, or maybe they just thought we would all say “oh that’s cute” and move on.


Disney say that they didn’t come up with merch because they didn’t want to ruin the surprise of Baby Yoda’s existence, but surely they’d at least have some ideas ready to go? My guess is that everyone panicked and some poor merchandising intern was given the task of coming up with something to sell quick-smart, and this is what happened. 

In much better news, there’s more merch coming our way soon. We’ve been told there will be more shirts and plush toys, so we can give Baby Yoda the cuddle we’ve all been desperate to give it. 

Patience, we must have.

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