New Trailer Shows Captain Marvel As A Shaka-Throwing, Space-Flying Warrior-Hero And Nick Fury As A Crazy Cat Lady

Fights with old ladies! Ben Mendelsohn's Aussie accent!

A new Captain Marvel trailer is here!!! Avengers who?

Highlights include the apparent confirmation that the old lady Carol punches on the subway is a Skrull, AKA a shape-shifting bad guy – you can tell because she makes a Predator noise, and then hits her back:

*extremely Predator voice*

Carol in a fighter jet throwing a perfect shaka:


A voice I’m 99% sure is old mate Mendo AKA Ben Mendelsohn in his real Aussie accent, drawling at 1:19 “Would you like to know what you really ahhhh?” I’m extremely here for a shape-shifting Skrull commander who sounds like he’s from north-east Melbourne.

Nick Fury going full crazy cat lady when he meets Goose, Carol’s cat:

(And then immediately looking sheepish when Carol tells him off.)

And a moment that gave me full-on goosebumps: this gorgeously coloured, lit-up glimpse of Carol flying through space majestically in her iconic suit, blasting the absolute s**t out of everything.

More than anything, it makes it clear that – as Ben Mendelsohn may well say at some point during this film – she’s not here to f**k spiders.

March can’t come soon enough.

Let’s watch it again!

Avengers Directors The Russo Brothers Confirmed Heaps Of Infinity War Details, Including Stan Lee Cameos And Who's Really Dead

Still no Avengers 4 trailer, though.

After a fan-packed screening of Avengers: Infinity War in LA, directors the Russo Brothers did a marathon Q&A with the audience. For two whole hours.

Of course, they kicked of by saying they wouldn’t be answering any questions about the fourth Avengers film, which still doesn’t have a trailer or even a title. (There goes that theory.)

But they did confirm a few details that rule things out for A4. Spoilers for Infinity War start here, but honestly, why are you still reading?

For one thing, Loki is definitely, definitely dead.

OK then. Sorry, Hiddlestans.

Also dead? 3/4 of the Asgardians who made it onto the ship in Thor: Ragnarok. Half of them were murdered at the beginning of Infinity War, just before Loki ate it, and then half of the ones left over were dusted in the Snappening.


And that flash-forward from Homecoming you’re clinging to as hope that Peter Parker eventually becomes not-dead? Cancelled… sort of.

Also, they totally tried to involve the Netflix MCU heroes in Infinity War – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil might have been helpful on some level, surely? But it was too hard to coordinate the various timelines.

Yeah, we kind of got that from the way Luke Cage S2 and Daredevil S3 had zero indication half the population on New York were turned into ash.

Either way, depending on how that was phrased, exactly, that’s the firmest confirmation we have so far that the TV shows aren’t considered exactly “MCU” anymore.

And they shared some nice details about the late, great Stan Lee: that he never rejected a cameo idea, and that he had jokes.

The whole Q&A will be up on soon, but for now, here’s a whole Twitter thread from a journo in attendance. Feel free to torture yourself with every detail.

The Avengers 4 Trailer Might Actually Drop In The Next 24 Hours, No Really Guys, It Could Actually Happen This Time


There have been plenty of possible dates for the Avengers 4 trailer to drop – literally any day would be fine, guys – but they’re really dragging this out.

However, there’s an extremely strong possibility that the trailer for the movie they won’t even tell us the name of will finally debut on Wednesday evening, LA time – AKA sometime after lunch in Australia.

There’s a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War for 800 Marvel fans at the iconic Arclight Cinemas on Sunset Boulevard, with a Q&A from directors the Russo Brothers afterwards.

And two weeks ago, there was a flurry of reports that the trailer would drop… in two weeks.

Coupled with the fact that the trailer for Infinity War was released on November 29 last year, it just seems to fit that they’d debut the trailer at the screening.

The event itself will probably be more locked down than the G20, so we shouldn’t necessarily expect a crappy phone leak on social media or anything – but if they choose to give the lucky crowd a sneak peek, they probably won’t wait long to let the rest of us see it.

After all, no matter how nicely or legally binding-ly you ask 800 people to keep something to themselves, SOMEBODY’s going to go on Twitter and leak the title the second they get their phone back from the security guard on the way out.

Me telling all my professional business colleagues everything the second I get out of the cinema.

These are the same fans that used Stan Lee’s death to demand that Marvel Studios drop the trailer and/or reveal the film’s title in tribute. Some of these nerds have no damn shame.

Plus, they’ve gotta time it carefully – Ariana Grande’s going to drop the most hyped music video of the year any minute now and suck up every available bit of attention and energy on the internet.

The screening is at 6.30pm LA time, which is 1.30pm Thursday AEST. So stand by from then, because the countdown to next May may well be on for real this time.


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