The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Vinyl Soundtrack Is Peach Scented, In Case That Scene Wasn’t Visceral Enough For You

For every fan who thought "this scene would be even better if I could smell it".

The only thing better than the epic Call Me By Your Name soundtrack is that soundtrack being released as a peach-coloured and peach-scented double vinyl.

To make it all the more perfect, the 7,777 copies of the special edition vinyl will be released this August during what is apparently ‘peach harvest season’.

For those who are unfamiliar or just want to indulge in a retelling, the movie’s now-infamous peach scene is where Timothée Chalamet’s character Elio masturbates with a peach, which his lover Oliver (Armie Hammer) later discovers and eats. Or at least he starts to – and that’s all the screen version could handle.

Meanwhile in the André Aciman book the film is based off Oliver goes full HAM on the peach.


Whether you found the scene hot, gross, or a confusing mix of the two that awakened a new facet of your sexuality, you can’t deny that peaches have become an emblematic part of the Call Me By Your Name experience.

And now, they’ve kindly peach-scented the soundtrack for you so that you can strengthen your visceral attachment to the film as you indulge in the tunes of Sufjan Stevens, the Psychedelic Furs, Ryuichi Sakamoto and then some more Sufjan Stevens. It’s the scratch ‘n’ sniff that dreams are made of. 

Just add the 80s Italian summer and Timmy Chalamet and you’ve got paradise.

Obviously this is going to be a valuable artefact for a long time coming so if you’re a true fan, get in quick to get your hands on the peachy record.

The Limited Peach Season Edition of the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack will be released by Music on Vinyl on August 3.


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