Brie Larson Trolling Chest-Thumping Bros About Being In Star Wars Is Pure Life

Please cast her in Star Wars because it'll be great and it'll drive the trolls mad.

After news broke about Kevin Feige bringing his magic touch to Star Wars, rumours started flying around about who is the “major actor” he had in mind for his movie and one name that kept coming up was Marvel Cinematic Universe newcomer Brie Larson. Naturally, the trolls came out of their basements for this little tidbit because, well, they’re trolls.

This was nothing but an unsubstantiated rumour but that didn’t stop all the chest-thumping bros from expressing their, uh, “displeasure” over the prospect of having Brie Larson in the Star Wars universe.

It was initially just another case of internet dudes overreacting to a nothingburger and Brie could’ve easily just stayed silent over the entire thing and let it wash over.

Instead, she decided to troll the whiny bros back in the most satisfying way possible: by using their love of Star Wars against them.


The biggest of props to Brie because she managed to drive all her trolls even more nuts with the most innocent of social media posts. Regardless of whether she did it on purpose or not (my gut says there’s a 76 percent chance she knew what she was doing), her clapback against the trolls is pure gold.

It’s not difficult to deduce why Brie would want to play this particular game. All those misogynistic bros who chucked a massive tanty over Captain Marvel are still commenting on anything she posts on social media and trying to get the word out that she’ll be the demise of the MCU, cinema, and the world as we know it.

But hats off to Brie for taking everything the trolls throw at her like a champ and responding in a way that’ll ensure maximum annoyance among a contingent of keyboard warriors who really need a new hobby than “trolling Brie Larson.”

As for what this means for the “Brie Larson will be in Star Wars” rumours, absolutely zilch. Literally nothing has been confirmed, other than another piece of evidence that she is a massive Star Wars fan would clearly love to be in the franchise.

Now I’m honestly hoping Kevin Feige will cast Brie in his Star Wars movie, not just because she’ll be fantastic but because it’ll seriously piss off the chest-thumping bros even more.

Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU, But That May Not Be The Only Universe You'll See Him In

Spider-Man's friendly neighbourhood may have just gotten bigger. Much bigger.

In a move that’ll surprise no one, Spider-Man will be returning to the MCU after Sony and Marvel/Disney kissed and made-up following a much-publicised spat.

According to Variety, Sony and Marvel/Disney managed to hammer out a new deal after realising that they’re better off sticking together and will now produce a third MCU Spider-Man film with Tom Holland back as Peter Parker. As part of the new arrangement, he’ll also appear in another future Marvel film which we presume will be some sort of Avengers-esque team up.

Unsurprisingly, Holland is pretty stoked about the news and took to Instagram with the most appropriate of responses.

As for how long we’ll be waiting for this surprising-but-not-really-surprising third MCU Spider-Man film, it actually won’t be that long as it’s penciled in for July 16, 2021, with Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts reportedly in talks to direct again.

So all in all, normal business is resumed after a brief break-up, not that we expected anything else to be honest considering how much of a win-win the Sony/Marvel/Disney partnership has been.

But while everyone is throwing their arms up in the air in celebration of Spider-Man returning to the MCU, Kevin Feige slipped in a little tidbit that may shake things up for ol’mate Spidey in an unexpected way.

In his statement announcing the third Spider-Man film, he dropped this interesting nugget of information:

“He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”

Putting on our tinfoil hat here, what Feige is saying here implies that not only will Tom Holland’s Spider-Man be in Disney’s MCU films, he’ll also be appearing in whatever Spidey-related films Sony produces.

And that means one thing: we could be getting potential Tom Holland appearances in stuff like the Into the Spider-Verse and Spidey-villain universes Sony are building, not to mention that Spidey/Venom crossover we’ve been hankering for.

Had the same reaction to the Spidey news, ay.

But look, we’re probably reading into Feige’s comments just a bit too much. It could just be the adrenaline of having Spider-Man back in the MCU talking.

So for now, let’s just revel in the news that all is right in the MCU, we’re getting a third Tom Holland-starring Spider-Man film as well as an appearance in another Marvel film, and there could be more exciting projects down the line for the webslinger.

It’s been a good day, folks.

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