This Melbourne Woman Is One Of The World's Biggest Pop Stars But You Probably Have No Idea Who She Is

And she's about to come home to hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du.

She’s the golden voice of a girl group that’s arguably the most popular in the world right now, appeared in music videos that have garnered several hundred million views on YouTube, made the cover of Elle and Billboard, and is the face of many high-profile brands like Reebok and Louis Vuitton.

It’s definitely not a stretch to label her one of the world’s biggest pop stars right now. And yet, there’s a decent chance you won’t have any idea who she is.

Meet Melbourne’s Roseanne Park – or as she is better known, Rosé from BLACKPINK.

After debuting as the main vocalist of BLACKPINK back in 2016, Rosé and her group quickly rose to the top in South Korea, selling out shows and countless records, garnering a massive worldwide fanbase and establishing themselves as one of K-pop’s leading acts.

But 2019 sees the group attempting to do something that only one K-pop group (that would be BTS) has managed to far in the last few years: make it in the West.

And all signs so far are overwhelmingly positive.

Despite having not performed a show or even an interview in America, the group’s recent publicity circuit ahead of their first ever US concert tour was well-received and garnered a big response from fans and newcomers alike.

This kind of rapid success is perhaps not surprising. Offstage, BLACKPINK are quirky, fun and fashionable, while onstage they’re fierce, charismatic, and intense. Their songs are also some of the most eclectic pop music to come out of South Korea today, so much so that the group are being asked to collaborate with some big-name Western artists like Dua Lipa.

It also definitely helps that three of the four group members speak fluent English, which helped enormously with the transition from South Korea to America.

It’s a moment that Rosé has seemingly been building towards for several years now. Whereas the singer is more reserved and soft-spoken on Korean TV shows, she’s been confidently taking the lead for all of BLACKPINK’s American TV interviews and appearances.

All this is kind of amazing when you consider that Rosé initially got into this whole K-pop business when her father lightheartedly told her to audition for YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies, back in 2012 – since she was into music and stuff.

What started as a joke soon became reality as Rosé was accepted into YG and soon underwent the gruelling journey to become a K-pop star. They say you should make your hobby or passion into a job. Well, Rosé basically did exactly that, though it did mean having to leave her family behind in Australia and moving to South Korea.

But while she may get mobbed if she walked down the streets of Seoul, she remains a virtual unknown if she wandered around her home city of Melbourne. To South Koreans, she is Rosé the talented idol with one of K-pop’s most unique voices.

But to most Aussies, she’s just an average 22-year-old music-loving woman who lived in Melbourne and went to high school at Canterbury Girl’s Secondary College. For all the exposure K-pop has gotten in recent years, it remains something of a niche in Australia, albeit one that’s growing quickly.

It seems fitting then that after nearly seven years since being accepted into YG, Rosé’s journey is seemingly about to come full circle as BLACKPINK are scheduled to perform their first-ever shows in Australia.

But whereas K-pop groups performing for the first time in Australia generally opt for smaller venues, BLACKPINK are going big: they’re pencilled in for Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena and Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, both of which are capable of squeezing in around 15,000 rabid fans.

For BLACKPINK, their tour Down Under is another step towards the top of pop music. For Australian fans, it’s another piece of K-pop history in the making. And for Rosé, it’s something of a long-awaited homecoming.

Keep Calm Because The Jonas Brothers Are Finally Back Together And Are Living Their Best Life

The gloves and purity rings are off, folks.

Time to embrace your inner teenager once again because the Jonas Brothers are back. As a band I mean.

Anyway, after splitting up back in 2013 in order to dabble in other ventures, such as throwing lavish weddings and weird solo music projects, the trio have confirmed recent reunion rumours with a beautiful lo-fi 2019 rendition of their viral 2008 “tables have turned” video.

It also seems like the Jonas Brothers are wasting no time with their big return as the trio promptly unveiled a very colourful teaser cover of their upcoming new single, “Sucker”.

Whereas pre-2013 Jonas Brothers were your typical squeaky-clean boy band, 2019 Jonas Bros have ditched the long hair and purity rings and look like they’re just living their best life.

You also won’t have to wait too long to hear “Sucker” either because the lads quickly followed up that wonderful cover with a snippet from the single’s music video along with the announcement that it will be dropping at midnight (ET), which is around 4pm on Friday for us (AEDT).

It’s almost like they saw the state of pop music and were like “we gotta do something about this and fast”.

As for what the tune sounds like, the 10-second clip doesn’t reveal much but it sounds like quite the catchy upbeat bop that we need these days. Did I suddenly become a fan? Dear god, I think so.

And just to reassure fans that their reunion is legit and not some cash grab or a one-off, the trio are also booked in for a sesh of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. That’s how you know when an artist is serious about what they’re doing.

We’ve come a long way since 2013 and who knows if the Jonas Brothers can recapture that initial run of success of yesteryear. They may reach the stratospheric heights once again and stand alongside contemporaries like Ariana Grande like it was 2012 or they may fizzle and go out with a whimper. The point is we don’t know how all this will go.

But look, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s just enjoy the fact that the gang are back together and let our inner 14-year-old go crazy for a little bit.

If You're In The Ballot For Tickets To See The Cure, Prepare For Armageddon

There's nothing more frightening than thousands of fans wanting tickets to a bunch of old men playing sad songs.

When it was announced that The Cure would be playing their masterpiece, Disintegration, in its entirety at the Sydney Opera House as part of the city’s 2019 Vivid Live festival, it immediately caused a stampede of biblical proportions.

It turns out that Australia has quite the number of people who love listening to miserable music by a group of middle-aged men and when the six-day long ballot for tickets to The Cure opened up, online queues were immediately flooded with thousands of fans and resulted in wait times lasting hours (when the site wasn’t crashing).

Having learned their lesson last time, the Sydney Opera House have now issued a statement to those who were successful in the ballot that reads less like a music announcement and more like an Armageddon preparation warning.

In a series of tweets, the Opera House warned hopeful Cure fans with a tone taken from Leonidas’ last speech before his heroic final stand at Thermopylae.

Be prepared: If you are sent a purchase link on February 28 between 10am and 4pm (AEDT), you’re not automatically assigned tickets – they’re “not guaranteed or assigned”. It’s all out war.

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