Netflix Is Teasing A Mysterious Black Mirror Movie By Messing With Everyone's Heads

This is going to send us into a pit of despair, isn't it?

It’s been nearly a year since we had a good blast of the ol’ existential-despair-as-a-show that is Black Mirror, so much so that I’m getting an existential crisis waiting for the show to come back. Just think about that.

But alas, the wait is nearly over because Netflix have dropped a big teaser for Charlie Brooker’s next round of cynical technological musings.

And in true Black Mirror fashion, they’re teasing us by completely messing with our heads.

If you search up “Bandersnatch” on Netflix, you’ll get a mysterious new promo for an upcoming Black Mirror film.

But alas, that’s not all.

There’s no poster or header image besides Black Mirror‘s iconic loading icon and various screen grabs from previous episodes, and the only description as to what this new movie might be about are these three ominous words: “Be right back.”

That sounds… ominous.

If this is the first hint of that much-anticipated interactive Black Mirror episode then we’re in for a crazy ride.

As for when we’ll get to find out what Black Mirror has in store for us, we won’t have too long to wait as word on the street is that the next batch of episodes will drop at the very end of 2018 (around the 28th) like a belated Christmas present.

I have no idea what to expect – not that we really ever do – but here’s hoping that the new batch of Black Mirror episodes/movies/mind messer-upperers will hit us in the feels like the season three masterpiece ‘San Junipero‘, which remains the greatest thing the show has ever done.

Brace Yourself Because Every Single Harry Potter Film Is Coming To Netflix

Time to go back to Hogwarts.

The entire suite of films, from the awkward baby faces in Philosopher’s Stone to the grown up grunge of Deathly Harrows, you, your couch, and increasingly square-shaped eyeballs can watch it all.

The collection will launch on the streaming service on Jan 15, 2019 along with a whole host of other movies like Pitch Perfect, Ghostbusters, and docos like FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and AVICII: True Stories.

You can check out the full list here.

January never looked so fine.

Netflix Surprisingly Cancels Marvel's Daredevil After Three Seasons And They Had Better Not Touch Jessica Jones

Seems like Netflix is cleaning house.

Netflix and Marvel’s recent cancellation of Iron Fist wasn’t too surprising given just how awful the show was.

The follow-up cancellation of Luke Cage was a bit more surprising since season three was in early pre-production when the axe came down.

But those two cancellations pale in comparison to the latest axing as Daredevil will join its fellow Defenders in the cancellation pile.

According to a Netflix spokesperson (via Variety), it was announced that Daredevil won’t return for a fourth season before a well-deserved thanks was given to the cast and crew who worked on the show.

This cancellation comes as Daredevil was Marvel and Netflix’s first bonafide hit series that drew in a heap of buzz and viewers ever since it premiered in 2015. Sure there was the massive creative misstep that was season two, but season three was definitely a resurgence and there was optimism for an even better season four.

However, the final line of the statement was particularly interesting because it mentions “the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel”.

That certainly fits into recent speculation that Marvel are cancelling all its Netflix shows and moving them to Disney’s upcoming steaming service so that all of its properties will live on under one banner.

Could DaredevilIron Fist, and Luke Cage get a second chance at some point in the future? We definitely can’t rule out that possibility just yet.

Daredevil‘s cancellation leaves just two Marvel shows left on Netflix: Jessica Jones and The Punisher.

We can take or leave Punisher if we’re honest, but don’t you dare touch Jessica Jones, Marvel. If that show doesn’t get its deserved six seasons and a movie, there are going to be some very unhappy fans.



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