Makeup Brands Are Suffering And Apparently It's All VSCO Girls' Fault


Remember when contouring your face within an inch of its life and covering your lips with a thick coating of foundation and lip gloss was all the rage? Well, times have changed and VSCO girls are at the forefront. 

According to Nylon, big beauty brands like MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills are struggling in sales, and it could have something to do with the growing VSCO girl trend which involves a shift towards “sustainability, or general broke-ness.”

If you’re not across the new trend, allow me to explain. The name (pronounced vis-co) is based on the popular editing app, VSCO. The ‘VSCO Girl’ is inherently trendy, arty and deeply submerged in online culture. Essentially, she’s what the Tumblr girl was 10 years ago.

She’s the girl with an endless scrunchie collection who wears oversized tees, carries a stylised and reusable water bottle and is never seen without her lip balm. Oh, and she also owns one of those Swedish backpacks everyone’s wearing.

A survey, conducted by Piper Jaffrey for Business of Fashion, suggests that these Instagram-loving teens may be the reason for the recent downfall in beauty sales. The survey found that makeup purchases were down 21% and 20% of upper-income teens don’t even wear makeup at all. 

Apparently, teens – and VSCO girls in particular – are all about the ‘no makeup makeup’ look characterised by barely-there Glossier products, Mario Badescu facial spray and simple skin care routines, opposed to the caked on foundation-heavy looks of generations past.

The BoF survey also found that the ingredients in makeup and skincare products are just as important to teens. Half of respondents pay attention to ingredients, and two-thirds said they’d pay more for ‘natural’ or ‘clean’ formulas – this call for sustainable beauty also includes packaging. “Teens in the survey made statements like ‘the planet is not a trash can’ and that they care about ‘people throwing away plastic and not recycling,” Cheryl Wischhover writes in the report. 

One of the key features of a VSCO girl is a reusable Hydro Flask, after all.

So there you have it, if makeup brands are looking to market to the younger gen, they’re going to have to go pared back and environmentally friendly… or face the scrutiny of thousands of scrunchie-wearing VSCO girls.

Sophie Turner Dissing Dodgy Influencer Swag Proves She's 100% That Bitch

That's the skinny tea.

There has been a recent crackdown on social media influencers flogging dodgy products to their followers, and no one is more on board with it than Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

In a recent Instagram post, Turner used the filter that enlarges your lips to take the piss out of Instagram influencers who are paid to promote potentially harmful products. 

“Hey guys, just kind of going for my influencer look today,” she said. “Today I just wanted to promote this new powder stuff that you put in your tea. Basically it makes you sh*t your brains out.” LOL.

Just when you thought Sophie Turner was posting the video as a joke, she took a more serious note. “And, it’s totally really really bad for me to be promoting to young women and young people everywhere, but I don’t really give a f*ck because I’m getting paid money for it. Influencer life,” she said.

While Turner’s video provides the chuckles, she’s got a point. The skinny tea was well and truly spilled last month when Instagram announced a new policy that would restrict users under the age of 18 from seeing content that promotes weight loss products or cosmetic procedures.

Actress and activist Jameela Jamil’s organisation I Weigh was also behind the policy change. “We are changing the world together. After a bunch of shouting, screaming and petitioning…we have managed to get the attention of the people at the top, and they have heard us and want to protect us,” Jamil wrote on Instagram.

Jamil has been campaigning for restrictions and removal of harmful content on Instagram for several years now. Over the course of the last few years, she has called out celebrities like Iggy Azalea and the Kardashian for exploiting vulnerable users by promoting get-thin-quick weight loss products and procedures.

Credit: Twitter

Soph, we commend you – not only are you hilarious, but you’re calling it what is. It’s time to throw the skinny tea in the bin, once and for all.

You Don’t Have To Know Who These WAGs Are To Enjoy Their Very Public 'Gotcha!' Beef

"WAGatha Christie."

If you’re a regular social media user, you’ll know that there’s never any shortage of juicy celeb beef to feast on. However, this very public ‘gotcha!’ involving two UK WAGS really takes the cake. 

Coleen Rooney, the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney, took to social media yesterday to drop a huge bombshell about fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy and how she had gotten to the bottom of her dodgy behaviour.

According to Rooney, over the past few years “someone who I trusted to follow me on my personal Instagram account has been consistently informing The Sun newspaper of my private posts and stories.”

Instead of going private or posting a bunch of angry captions, Rooney went full true crime podcast and investigated each and every one of her followers.

“I came up with an idea. I blocked everyone from viewing my Instagram stories except ONE account,” she wrote in the lengthy post. “Over the past five months I have posted a series of false stories to see if they made their way into the Sun newspaper. And you know what, they did!”

Rooney confirmed, “now I know for certain which account/individual it’s come from….it’s Rebekah Vardy’s account.”


Vardy, who is the wife of Rooney’s teammate Jamie Vardy, has since responded to the accusation, explaining on Instagram, “I never speak to anyone about you as various journalists who have asked me to over the years can vouch for.”

“Over the years various people have had access to my Insta and just this week I found I was following people I didn’t know and have never followed myself,” she wrote. “I’m not being funny but I don’t need the money, what would I gain from selling stories on you?”

Vardy said she wishes Rooney had called her about the situation and added “I’m so upset that you have chosen to do this, especially when I’m heavily pregnant.”

TBH, it sounds like Rooney’s investigation was pretty foolproof and I’m not the only one who thinks she’s need a role on CSI: Miami, stat.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

We’ll be waiting patiently for that true crime documentary.

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