Marvel Royally Screwed DC's Casting Plans For The New Batman Film

Certainly no shortage of hurdles for Matt Reeves' Batman film.

Matt Reeves is trying awfully hard to get his solo Batman movie off the ground but it’s proving harder than expected. And if a mega juicy scoop is to be believed, Marvel played a bit of a part in these headaches for Reeves and DC because of their Phase 4 MCU plans for Blade.

According to Collider‘s Jeff Sneider’s podcast, The Sneider Cut, Oscar winner Mahershala Ali was apparently the “top choice” for Reeves and DC to play Commissioner Jim Gordon in the upcoming Batman flick, even meeting with Reeves for the role.

Presumably this meeting took place on the top of a rooftop while skylights with the Bat symbol were blasting into the night sky.

Now Ali joining the DC Extended Universe as Batman’s important ally would’ve been awesome but Marvel royally screwed DC and Reeves’ big plans by casting him as Blade.

While it is possible for actors to stick their fingers in both the MCU and DCEU pies – just ask Laurence Fishburne and Zachery Levi – it doesn’t look like Ali will be double-dipping as Sneider says the actor isn’t looking to “do yet another comic book movie” now that he’s got his own Marvel movie franchise to lead.

It doesn’t just apply to food.

It’s quite the first world problem situation we’ve got here – one which should be taken with a mountain of salt – but if it all is true, we certainly don’t blame Ali for choosing Marvel over DC here.

Why play second fiddle to Batman in a Robert Pattinson flick when he can be Blade in his own Marvel franchise and have “Mahershala Ali is Blade” in big letters on posters everywhere?

But don’t feel bad for DC and Reeves as there are plenty of other great actors out there who would make a great Jim Gordon.

Maybe we’ll get to see J.K. Simmons back in the role. He’ll probably want to have another crack at the character after the travesty that was Justice League.

Shelve The 'Whitewashing', It's Fine For Hailee Steinfeld To Play Kate Bishop In Hawkeye

No need to lose all the arrows in your quiver.

Marvel really have a thing with hiring over-qualified people with their movies and TV shows. Case in point: they’re courting Hailee Steinfeld to play Kate Bishop in their upcoming Hawkeye limited series.

According to the scoop by Variety, the actress has been offered the lead role for Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ MCU show, which will also star Jeremy Renner as, well, Hawkeye.

Hi Clint.

Now the reception to Marvel nabbing Hailee Steinfeld for Hawkeye (assuming she says yes) has been very positive, as it should be because she is a fantastic actress and seeing her banter with Renner over Hawkeye-y stuff is going to be electrifying.

But the internet being what it is, there are a few people who aren’t too pleased with this news because they perceive Steinfeld’s casting as *checks notes* whitewashing.

You see, there are some folks out there who are claiming that Kate Bishop is Asian and casting a “white woman” like Hailee is whitewashing that’s akin to Scarlett Johansson as The Major in Ghost In The Shell.

Now I’m all for folks getting all up in arms when it comes to Asian representation and whitewashing in Hollywood but there are a couple of issues with this whole Hailee Steinfeld/Hawkeye thing.

Firstly, Kate Bishop isn’t depicted as Asian in the comics. In fact, her ethnicity isn’t referenced at all and the whole “Kate is Asian” thing most likely spawned from fans who assumed she is (or wish she is) due to the different art styles used over the years.

Now that’s not to say that an Asian actress couldn’t have played Kate Bishop, but Marvel clearly go for the most talented actors and it’s hard to argue against Hailee not doing a great job.

Secondly and most importantly, Hailee is actually Asian – she’s part Filipino on her mother’s side – which renders any whitewashing claim immediately moot.

So to all those people having a whinge over Marvel whitewashing Kate Bishop, please put this “argument” away because it’s got no legs to stand on. It’s perfectly fine for Hailee to play Hawkeye so there’s no need to lose all your arrows in your quiver.

The Nicolas Cage Masterpiece 'Face/Off' Is Getting Ruined - Sorry, A Reboot

Why mess with a masterpiece?

Hollywood has been going pretty bonkers with the whole “rebooting every movie” schtick over the last few years, but we’re really entered into dangerously worrying levels with its latest project: a remake of Face/Off, John Woo’s 1997 action classic starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is rebooting Face/Off with a new cast and will be written by the guy responsible for penning great films such as *checks notes* um, The Cloverfield Paradox and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Welp, this isn’t going to turn out well is it?

Yeah, same.

For those who need a refresher, Face/Off is about an FBI agent (Travolta) and a domestic terrorist (Cage) who get their faces and bodies exchanged, resulting in a high-stakes version of Freaky Friday filled with John Woo’s operatic gun-fu action, and some of the hammiest greatest performances from Travolta and Cage we’ve ever seen onscreen.

It is also a goddamn masterpiece and no film quite defines 90s action quite like Face/Off, which begs the question: why are Hollywood messing around with perfection?

The behind-the-scenes crew assembled so far have a hell of a mountain to climb in order to match John Woo’s handiwork on the original film. While we should take all this with a few gains of salt seeing how the project is in its still early days and no director has been confirmed, it’s not particularly encouraging that the writer for some pretty dodgy films is penning the Face/Off reboot script.

Why couldn’t they just eat a peach for hours instead?

But perhaps the biggest obstacle to this remake being a success is the inimitable duo of John Travolta and Nic Cage. That pairing is what made the original Face/Off work so well and history has shown it is near impossible to capture that magic again with new actors.

Just look at what happened with the Point Break remake when they tried to mould two random blokes into the new Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze.

But look, we’re judging the project before we’ve even seen anything so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

Seeing as how the film’s concept is so reliant on the two lead actors, here are a few of our nominations for who should replace John Travolta and Nicolas Cage:

  • Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy
  • Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield
  • Vanessa Kirby and Samara Weaving
  • Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer
  • The Rock and Timothée Chalamet

You know what, the Face/Off reboot may not be a complete disaster after all. If Paramount are reading this, we have many more suggestions so give us a buzz.


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