We’re Seriously Concerned About The Intimate Body Juices Soiling The Furniture On Bachelor In Paradise

Won't someone think of the cleaners?!

My, oh my – I bet this is something you never thought you’d be reading.

Let’s be real, the Bachelor In Paradise contestants are in Fiji, they’re drinking A LOT and they’re *coughs* quite stimulated – there’s every chance there’ll be a few spillages every now and then.


One twitter user shared concerns about the furniture, and the state of its cleanliness considering the contestants are wearing the literal tiniest bikini’s in the history of bikinis.

Now, a vagina is self-saucing and self-cleaning, so there’s always some kind of dampness going on downstairs. Without something to catch the drips, there’s literally no stopping the body juices from seeping onto bits of furniture, pillows etc.

There’s nothing wrong with your downstairs being a bit wet, it’s natural BUT, when you’re in a COMMUNAL SPACE, you’ve got to be mindful of where you’re plonking your nether-regions.


Nobody here is critiquing the girls’ choice to wear revealing swimwear, just concerned for the cleaners who have to mop up behind them.

Bachelor In Paradise Proves That The Bro Code Isn't A Scapegoat For Toxic Masculinity

Seriously, bro?

Bachelor In Paradise a space where people’s emotions and behaviours are amplified – good and bad. It toes the line of entertaining and uncomfortable far too often, but sometimes it falls over that line in a spectacularly awful way.

The men on Bachelor In Paradise have proven time and time again that they’re going to support each other regardless of the situation, and whether they’re in the right or not.

Unfortunately, the dudes on Bachelor In Paradise are actually enabling some really toxic behaviour amongst each other and it’s seriously making it super hard to watch without throwing something at the screen.

If the guys were actually responsible for their own actions, maybe they could learn from them, but because when one of them has a problem and they confide in one of the other guys who gives straight-up awful advice, they think they’re in the right.

When Tenille pumped the breaks with Ivan after he was being abnormally obsessive and possessive, after only SIX DAYS of knowing each other, Ivan had a full-on meltdown.

After confiding in resident idiot Bill (who gave the worst advice), Ivan was rejuvenated and truly thought that this was just a hiccup in his and Tenille’s relationship. In some really twisted dialogue, Ivan managed to turn himself into a victim and justify his behaviour, thanks to Bill’s unwavering support.

Bros, you need to open your eyes.

There’s a difference between being there for your mate and filling his head with delusions that could potentially be really very damaging to everyone involved.

This solidifies that women are better at being there for each other than guys ever will be.

Bachelor In Paradise Shows The Danger Of Being In A One-Sided Relationship And Not Knowing How To Escape

It's not as simple as 'walking away'.


Bachelor In Paradise puts humans in an unnatural setting, points cameras at them and manipulates them into creating a story good enough for entertainment. It’s mostly fake.

Every now and then, something very raw and human slips through the cracks and we’re suddenly exposed to a scene or a moment that wasn’t scripted.

This happened on Bachelor In Paradise through contestants, Ivan and Tenille.

Ivan has a very forward personality, but that doesn’t excuse his obsessive behaviour towards Tenille. It’s actually uncomfortable to watch because it’s just far too familiar of a situation.

In the short time that Ivan has known Tenille, he has displayed signs of emotional manipulation towards her including; stalking, obsession and physical intimidation.

All signs of emotional abuse are listed on If you are affected by this in any way, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

Viewers of Bachelor In Paradise were quick to realise that this behaviour in any kind of relationship is absolutely not on.

For those wondering why Tenille doesn’t just walk away from this relationship, she’s tried. More often than not, emotionally abusive relationships are the hardest to walk away from, not because you want to stay, but because you’re afraid of what will happen if you leave.

It’s a terrifying thing, especially for a woman, to be intimidated into staying in a one-sided relationship.

Bachelor In Paradise needs to be more careful when showing hyper-amplified examples of abusive relationships on TV, without a warning.

I think showing this relationship is important for viewers to understand what it’s like to watch someone go through it, but I can’t help but wonder if (and hope) Tenille is being properly supported through this.


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