Two Avengers Are Getting Their Own Disney+ Show And The Title Will Make You Cringe

Surely you can do better, Marvel and Disney.

We’ve heard murmurs of Marvel cobbling together a heap of shows starring some of its MCU characters for Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service for a while now.

And after literally months of speculating, Disney has come out and confirmed everything in a big flashy presentation. Loki will be getting his own show, as will Falcon and Bucky Barnes, and Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff and Vision.

Now it’s great to see a bunch of beloved MCU side characters get their turn in the spotlight but we’re a little worried about Scarlet Witch and Vision’s planned limited series.

You see, their show is going to be called – wait for it – WandaVision.

WandaVision. Wanda. Vision. Good grief.

Of all the things Marvel could’ve called their show – like The Scarlet Witch And The Vision or Visions of Scarlet and Witches – surely the creative team could’ve come up with something better than hurriedly mashing the two lovebirds’ names together.

Cringeyness aside, WandaVision does hint at a lighter tone than the other planned MCU shows for Disney+. Loki’s solo adventure will just be called Loki while Bucky and Falcon’s will be called The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

This all bodes well for the future of these MCU shows because the difference in tone compared to the movies will help them stand out. WandaVision sounds like rom-com, Loki sounds like a comedic solo character piece, and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier sounds like a badass yet hilarious buddy comedy.

This pairing is just gold.

As for when we can feast our eyes on these MCU shows, well we have no idea but I imagine it’ll be a while away as nothing has been announced in terms of casting or crew.

In the meantime, Disney+ itself will be dropping this November so you can binge yourself into a stupor on all of Marvel’s other offerings before WandaVision comes trundling along.

We Know One Character Who Is Essentially Guaranteed To Survive In Avengers: Endgame

They'll live to fight another day and in a new show.<br />

It is almost guaranteed that all the characters who were dusted at the end of Infinity War will be revived somehow in Endgame, but beyond that we know basically nothing.

Is Loki actually dead? Will Steve Rogers and Tony Stark sacrifice themselves to stop Thanos? Is Ant-Man going to fly up the Mad Titan’s butt at some point? We just don’t know.

But on the back of a new report by Variety, we know one character who is basically guaranteed to survive Endgame and it’s someone who deserves far more attention than what he’s received in the Marvel films so far: Clint “Hawkeye” Barton.


According to Variety, Jeremy Renner will be bringing back Hawkeye for a brand new show on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

It is reported that it will be a limited series focusing on Hawkeye training and passing on his bow and arrows to Kate Bishop, a character from the Marvel comics who takes over Clint’s role as the Avengers’ resident Legolas.

While Kate has yet to be introduced in the MCU, we may have gotten a glimpse of her already from one of the Endgame trailers.

This has gotta be Kate…right?

Disney and Marvel have yet to comment on this upcoming Hawkeye/Kate Bishop show.

Should this all come to fruition, Hawkeye’s limited series will be the latest MCU show in the works to star other big-name movie characters, like Loki, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Bucky Barnes, so there will be no shortage of Marvel content in the years to come.

We won’t have long to wait before we get confirmation on whether this all pans out as we think it does or if we’ve just been talking rubbish for the last few minutes because Endgame is just a couple of weeks away and we’ll finally see what becomes of ol’ Clint, as well as all the Captain Marvel/Avengers banter we’ve been excitedly waiting for.

Steve Rogers And Tony Stark Are Totally Going To Die In Avengers: Endgame

It would be a fitting end to the last three phases of Marvel films.

When Avengers: Endgame finally comes out in a couple of weeks time, it’ll mark the end of a journey that’s taken 22 films, 13 years, and two different Hulks.

While we have absolutely no idea what to expect from the film, other than a bladder-straining 3-hour running time and Ant-Man possibly crawling up Thanos’ butt, we have a pretty good hunch on what’s going to happen to two beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe veterans.

Are you ready for it? Here it is: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are going to die in Endgame.

And nor should you.

Bear with us here, this isn’t just a random shot in the dark. Let’s start with Steve first.

Cap’s solo movies have been taking influence from a number of acclaimed comic series, such as the recent Captain America: Civil War loosely adapting the popular “Civil War” comic storyline. While Steve is still alive in the films, he was assassinated in Civil War’s follow-up comic, “The Death of Captain America.”

Endgame doesn’t adapt “The Death of Captain America” and is largely an original story, but there have been hints scattered in the last few Steve Rogers-centric films hinting at a visit to the pearly gates in the upcoming Avengers flick, and it all makes sense from a character arc perspective.

  • He’s said a bunch of times across the films that he’s willing to lay down his life for what he believes in, to the point where he’s abandoned the Captain America moniker
  • Thanos represents the greatest threat to the universe he’s faced and stopping the Mad Titan would be a completion of his character arc
  • And you don’t drop hints about sacrificing yourself without paying them off later on. That’s just filmmaking 101.

And of course, there’s the behind-the-scenes stuff as well. It’s been well documented that Chris Evans was very hesitant to take on the role of Steve Rogers before he finally signed on to a six-contract deal, which ends once Endgame is out.

Given all the years he’s been playing the same character, not to mention all the hints he’s dropped over the years about wanting to move on at some point, Endgame appears to be the perfect place to hang up Captain America’s shield for both Chris and Steve.

Moving onto Tony Stark, he’s remained alive through a lot of the comic storylines so no use combing those for hints. Instead, let’s just look at what the films have done so far.

Tony has said early on in the very first Iron Man that he shouldn’t be alive and has vowed to use his brain to defend the Earth. Like what Thanos is to Steve, the Mad Titan also represents the greatest challenge Tony’s had to face and a sacrifice here would also be a completion of his character arc that was established in that cave with Yinsen 11 years ago.

Robert Downey Jr’s contract with Marvel will also end after Endgame and he’s been playing Tony Stark nearly as long as Hugh Jackman did with Wolverine so surely he must be wanting to move on now.

And you know, Tony did get stabbed in Infinity War and that’s as big of a Chekov’s Wound as you’re going to get.

Tony’s words coming back to punch him in the face. Literally.

Now while the board is set for Steve and Tony to gracefully (or ungracefully) bow out, it doesn’t mean Captain America and Iron Man are dead.

Marvel has established a couple of things in the films to ensure that other people will carry on the torch of those two superheroes for many years and movies to come.

For Cap, it is likely that the next person to don the shield is Bucky Barnes due to his similar skillset as Steve and him being Steve’s BFF and all. Plus he’s got a lot of redemption to go through after his stabby Winter Soldier years so it seems perfect for him to do some good as Captain America. Seeing as how Sebastian signed a nine-film contract to play Bucky, it seems like the pieces are in place for the next Cap.

The fight was really Bucky’s audition for Captain America.

As for Tony, remember that genius whizkid, Harley, from Iron Man 3? Probably not because that film was pretty meh, but our money is on him to take up the Iron Man helmet once Tony carks it.

The kid is smart, handy with his hands, has an established rapport with Tony, will be around 18 by the time Endgame is out and about, and has a three-film contract with Marvel. All signs are pointing to a new and young Iron Man at some point in our future, which will effectively serve as both a new origin story and continuation of the character.

Yeah, he is actually. But you’ll also get an Iron Man suit!

As much as we would like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans to play Tony Stark and Steve Rogers respectively until the end of time, it simply isn’t feasible, so why not have them go out in the grandest way possible.

Now this is all nothing more than an educated guess at best, but if there was a time to finally pass on the Iron Man suit and Captain America’s shield, Endgame is about as perfect of a time as there ever will be to say goodbye to Steve and Tony.

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