A Thanos Subreddit Is Planning The Largest Mass Banning Of Reddit Members Ever In Honour Of The Snappening

The subreddit r/ThanosDidNothingWrong is set to snap their fingers on Monday, July 9.

SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the ending of Avengers: Infinity War in here.

A subreddit dedicated to the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, is set to make history by recreating the ending to Avengers: Infinity Wars and banning half of its subscribers.

Balancing the universe, one subreddit at a time.

The subreddit r/thanosdidnothingwrong, created by apologists and memesters who believe that Thanos had the right idea by killing off half of all life in the universe, are set to go ahead with the virtual Snappening this Monday, July 9.

They had originally planned to enact the plan on July 4th, but were advised by Reddit HQ to hold off until after Independence Day so that their systems may handle the load.

When the plan was first announced, the subreddit had just under 300,000 subscribers. Now, the number is closer to 370,000. As it stands, it’s set to be the biggest single banning event in Reddit history.

Of course, members are dealing with the subreddit’s sudden fame and influx of new members, as well as their imminent doom, the only way they know how: with memes.

There is also an online petition to get actor Josh Brolin, who portrayed the big purple villain in the film, to do the deed himself at Reddit’s offices.

As a refresher: in the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos successfully wipes half of all life out of existence, including several major Marvel superheroes, after collecting all six Infinity Stones.

To all the members: good luck.

Why A Major Sports Stadium Being Named After A Comic Book Company Matters To Me And Should Matter To You

Marvel Stadium will become a thing that exists in Melbourne, and let's be real: the new naming-rights partner for what's currently Etihad is way less gross than it could have been.

Last Thursday morning, we all woke up to one of the more peculiar headlines of recent times: Etihad Stadium in Melbourne’s Docklands will be renamed the Marvel Stadium. Yes, after the comic book company-turned-entertainment empire.

I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased.

Once I got over the initial clumsiness of the name and the inevitable obvious references (DC Comics! The ending of Infinity War! The nerds are taking over!), I noticed that this is actually really great.


Let’s be clear from the outset: I am a huge nerd. Specifically, I am the type of nerd who orders speciality action figures from Japan, collects variant covers of comic books, and will correct you on details (it’s actually Infinity GEMS not STONES). And on a surface level, it feels great to see your passions validated on a mainstream level. Even more so when you think that just two decades ago Marvel Comics were on the brink of bankruptcy.

But I also recognise that this move isn’t for me, or people like me, but for a much broader target market.

In this case, they’re the types of people who might not make a habit of going to Western Bulldogs games, but are suddenly enamoured by the possibilities of the new name. They’re the tourists who now have to see the “stadium named after a comic book company”. They’re also the people who may have lapsed from going to sporting matches, especially as they grow older and being to raise a family, suddenly seeing the stadium in a whole new, more family-oriented light.


Yes, it’s tacky marketing. But it’s also a rather perfect pairing in hindsight: when it comes to high concept drama that appeals to the masses, is a mainstay in popular culture, and is often disparaged for its place in society, blockbuster films and sports are pretty much numbers one and two on the list.

Not to mention, it could’ve been way worse. In the USA, where practically every town has its own arena for their local professional or college sporting teams, naming rights are a dime a dozen. This leads to such bizarre names as Whataburger Field and Sleep Train Arena.

Those aren’t even the worst names possible. In reality, the worst name for a potential family-friendly venue would be one that advertises a service that continues to push its marketing on the vulnerable, has crippled the livelihoods of thousands of families across the country and whose influence on sport is incredibly toxic – like, say, gambling. The name of the home ground for the NRL’s Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles is “Lottoland”.

Seriously – not even an “Arena” or “Stadium”. It’s just Lottoland.


Of course, you can talk about the politics behind the ever-growing influence of one major entertainment company on everything we do for recreation; Disney have ten major cinematic releases this year, with three in the next two months alone.

And yes, time and time again, stadiums have been shown to have an overall negative social and economic impact on cities and communities.


Uh, particularly when mutants rip them out of the ground and dump them elsewhere in the city. Which happens less IRL.

But when you consider that the future Marvel Stadium is now being associated with something that has the potential to draw in thousands more fans to watch an AFL match or see a concert there, and whose influence isn’t really as nefarious as some other potential partners, it’s surely an overall positive. Especially when it’s gotten this very un-sporty, nerdy loser interested in AFL, a game I only vaguely understand at best.


Is it the one with the helmets? Shouldn’t they all be wearing helmets?

I asked a good friend of mine who is a North Melbourne supporter for their take. Not only because they go to Etihad Stadium on a regular basis, but also because I understand that they’ve dealt with a type of tragic pain that I assumed would put something like this new name into context.

They told me that they will be fine with the name change… As long as Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland does his ‘Umbrella’ Lip Sync Battle routine on the day they unveil the new name.

Marvel and Docklands, the ball is in your court.


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