Here's Everything That Was Added To The Avengers Re-Release In Case You Can't Be Bothered To Go Yourself

Spoilers below... obviously.

When news broke about Marvel re-releasing Avengers: Endgame with new footage included, many of us saw it for what it really was – a way to surpass Avatar at the box office.

However, we have very little doubt that diehard Marvel fans would get themselves back to the cinema to watch the bonus scenes, which actually only equates to about six extra minutes of footage.

To be honest, I’m not so sure I can’t put myself through the emotional rollercoaster of watching the movie so soon after my first watch – also, it’s really long! So if you, like me, just want to know what was in the re-release, I’ve got you covered.

Credit: Marvel

So, the first thing we get is a new tribute to Stan Lee, which is added after the credits according to CNBC. While Lee already appears in the film, the tribute features behind-the-scenes footage of him shooting his cameos.

During the tribute Lee says in a voiceover, “Not only did I not think I would be doing a cameo in such a big movie, I hadn’t dreamt there’d be such a big movie.”

“In those days, I was writing those books, I was hoping they’d sell so I wouldn’t lose my job and that I could keep paying the rent.”

He also added, “I’ve remembered every cameo I’ve done since the first one. I think I’m a very lucky guy.”

Next up, we get an unfinished Hulk scene. Anthony Russo, one of the directors of the movie, introduces the scene and says:

“Thanks for sticking around. As you may have noticed, we packed a lot into this movie. There are a lot of characters, a lot of action, a lot of emotion, and I think a lot of fun. But, believe it or not, we shot some scenes that we needed to cut out. I know, the movie could have been even longer!”

Credit: Marvel

The scene features the Hulk at a burning building. He jumps down to the street holding a satellite dish which he’s using to carry people out of the fire.

After he’s finished with that we see him getting a phone call and he says, “Steve who?” Which indicates it’s right before the scene where he meets up with Steve Rogers, Natasha Rominoff and Scott Lang at the diner and takes photos with his fans.

The next scene is one from Spider-Man: Far From Home as the re-release is also trying to promote the follow-up movie.

So, what you see is the opening scene to the film which is set in a Mexican town that’s been devastated by a cyclone, except the cyclone apparently had a face.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) arrive on the scene and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio also shows up.

The cyclone monster thing appears and Mysterio tells the other two, “You don’t want any part of this,” and starts fighting with the monster.

Credit: Sony Pictures

And that’s all of the extra content, I’m not entirely sure it would be enough to get me back to the cinema, but that’s just me.

You Won't Look At The Spider-Man Suit The Same Way After Seeing This Photo Of Tom Holland

This makes me uncomfortable...

Here’s something I literally never thought about – how does Tom Holland enjoy a drink when he’s wearing the Spider-Man costume?

Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts has answered that question with a photo he shared of Tom on set and now I’ll never be able to look at the Spidey suit the same way ever again.

It turns out the easiest way for Tom to drink anything is to take out the eye pieces and go through the eye holes with a giant straw!

It kind of looks like he’s crying coffee…

The photo was shared ahead of the movie’s premiere with Watts asking Tom if he was “excited” for it.

The movie is a follow up from Avengers: Endgame and the story seems to focus a lot on Tony Stark’s sacrifice to destroy Thanos.

It’ll also show the aftermath of the Snap which turned Peter and his friends into to dust in Infinity War.

Zendaya, who plays MJ in the movie, told Fandango it brings the characters closer together:

“[The Snap] kind of puts our characters in a special place, because now we come back and the world’s kind of changed, and we all have to kind of depend on each other a little bit more, because we’re like the oddballs now.

“We kind of have to confide in each other with that experience, and that’s cool.”

Perhaps this is even what draws MJ and Peter closer together romantically?

The friends will have to find their bearings in a world that went on without them in the five years since Thanos’ Snap.

The early reviews for the film reveal it’s a fun and satisfying sequel to Homecoming, but it might be a little long. Some are even calling it the perfect follow up to Endgame, that’s enough to get excited, right?!

The movie also has a 90 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, while Homecoming sits at 92 per cent.

We can’t wait to check out the movie when it’s released on July 4.

If Bradley Cooper Is Lusting After Lady Gaga In GOTG 3, What's To Stop Them IRL?


When news broke that James Gunn would be returning to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 fans were ecstatic. And now they’re just as excited about the possibility of another film reunion.

Rumour has it that Lady Gaga is being considered for the role of new character Lady Lylla, who is Rocket Raccoon’s SOUL MATE. Yep, that’s right, Cooper and Gaga may soon be playing lovers again and we are so here for it.

Right now, it’s just a rumour, something the pair is no doubt used to thanks to the many reports they’re dating after splitting with their respective partners.

Fans have been desperate for the A Star Is Born stars to get together after their loved up performance of ‘Shallow’ at the Oscars earlier this year, so if this were to actually happen it would make a lot of people very excited.

Gunn has previously said that Rocket’s story is the saddest of the Guardians and that his story isn’t finished. There is also a rumour that Rocket’s creator The High Evolutionary will be involved, Mark Hamill’s name has reportedly been thrown into the ring to voice the character.

Lady Lylla is an otter and was first introduced in 1982’s Incredible Hulk #271 during the Toy War. She’s the heiress to the largest toy making empire Mayhem Mekaniks which is on the Halfworld planet according to Movie Web.

It’s unclear whether the rumours are based on any truth or if it’s just fans who want to see Gaga and Cooper together again. But what we do know is that they clearly have great chemistry and it would be pretty awesome to have Lady Gaga as part of the MCU, even if it is just her voice.

If they did work together one more time, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if they got together IRL so we could be very close to an era where Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are publicly dating.

James Gunn is about to work on The Suicide Squad, so we could be a while off finding out anything about GOTG 3, but maybe this rumour will get him thinking about hiring Gaga?

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