Chronic Plot Spoiler Tom Holland Has Already Shared A Huge Detail From Avengers: Endgame

Spoiler-Man! Spoiler-Man! Spoils whatever plot points he can!

Tom Holland is the biggest spoiler spiller in the MCU.

It’s hard to mind, because he’s so adorably excited about it all – and because we’re always so thirsty for details. But it’s enough of a problem that he’s not allowed to do press alone, and his co-star and fellow Brit Benedict Cumberbatch has been tasked with keeping him from giving away every Avengers film.

Now, a new look at an old interview with Holland and Cumberbatch during press for Avengers: Infinity War has turned up a little detail that’s a lot more notable now we’ve seen both that film and Ant-Man And The Wasp, and seems to give away a crucial detail about Avengers: Endgame.

When asked by Access Hollywood who flubs the most lines, Cumberbatch owns up: “Me!”

But Holland defends him: “He has to talk about so much Quantum Realm… stuff.”

“Stuff, just stuff,” interjects Cumberbatch, almost under his breath, with the resigned air of a man who’s been told to try and keep the adorable puppy from peeing on everything but is already getting out the paper towels.

It’s not nearly as bad as Mark Ruffalo’s classic “everybody dies”, of course:

But it’s a pretty big confirmation that we’re going to spend a fair bit of time in the Quantum Realm.

(Let’s talk in more detail about this, including spoilers for the second Ant-Man movie.)

The Quantum Realm is the sub-atomic space we were introduced to in Ant-Man, and where Paul Rudd’s character was left stranded at the end of Ant-Man And The Wasp. We learned from that movie that humans stranded there can actually survive there for a long time, as Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Janet Van Dyne, did for decades.

There are plenty of fan theories suggesting that the dusted characters, including both Cumberbatch and Holland’s, might be rescued or revived with the help of the Quantum Realm’s weirdo physics – or that they’re just hanging out there, hopefully avoiding the tardigrade belt.

And it’s also confirmation that Strange, at least, is definitely back on deck sometime in Endgame, and Spider-Man must be as well. Strange didn’t talk about the Quantum Realm in Infinity War, and spoiler-prone Holland is famously not given the scripts other than the pages with his actual scenes – and sometimes he’s not even getting those.

So how would Holland know that Cumberbatch goes on about the Quantum Realm so much, unless they had scenes together in (or talking about) that itty-bitty little psychedelic space?

The silver, black and red colour scheme revealed on some new merch also seems to be inspired by the Ant-Man suit, suggesting there’s some Quantum Realm action going on for everyone.

Look, it’s all wild mass guessing at this point – but May is a long way away, and with so many of our faves still not feeling so good, we’ll take every hopeful clue we can get. 

And we’ll probably get most of them from Tom.

From League of Legends To Mjolnir-Ball, It’s Time For You To Rethink Team Sports

Think beyond the balls.

If you grew up being picked last in PE, bored stiff at footy games, or entirely baffled by weird pointy leather eggs in all their forms, you might think you’re not a Sports Person.

But sport is fun. It’s fun to watch, it’s fun to play, it’s fun to get irrationally mad at – you’ve just got to find the one that fits you.

And now it’s easier than ever to find some new or reinvented league or club to join. Here are just a few of the wildest and newest sports that are thinking beyond the balls.

League Of Legends

Esports functions exactly like traditional physical sports: the action might take place on screens, but there are favoured and hated franchises, team colours and homemade signs, huge roaring crowds filling stadiums and watching at home.

Plus, millions in prize money to date for some of the biggest ones (US$64 million and counting for League of Legends) – you know, if you’re into that. Bit better than a shiny trophy or a ring.


It’s even figuring into high school dramas the way football used to – the current run of Degrassi had a whole plot arc about the school’s esports team.

LoL has grown into one of the biggest esports thanks to its battle-based gameplay, where you as the “summoner” control a champion on one of three maps, working with your teammates to get past the other team’s defensive lines and destroy the “nexus” of their home base.

So, kind of like the NFL, but with more wizards and fewer roided-out bro clichés.

Clear eyes, full bandwidth – can’t lose.

Medieval MMA

Players describe contemporary medieval fighting as “UFC with armour and weapons”. While it started at reenactment faires and events, it’s now a proper sport with a yearly international tournament called Battle Of Nations.

There are duel rounds, of course, but in the best version, teams take one another on in battle, dressed in 20-30kg of armour and equipped with shields, (blunted) swords and wrestling moves. Players are eliminated when they have three points of contact with the ground, and the last team with any fighters left standing is declared the winner. The team rounds range from five on five to full-on melees with thirty players each side.

Players say the injury rate is lower than rugby, but the combat is full-contact and very real – there’s no stage-fighting or fencing here.

Muggle Quidditch

It’s important to refer to it as Muggle Quidditch, due to the lack of flying broomsticks and balls enchanted to attack or escape you. It’s actually a fair bit less dangerous than the version played in the Harry Potter books and films, due to the fact that the broomsticks are only a few inches above ground level, and again, the balls are not actively trying to attack you.

Sure, you can laugh, but these guys are having way more fun than you, and they’re probably fitter, too.

There’s a World Cup, at which nobody has ever been murdered or terrorised as far as we know, and Aussie players even developed rules for Wheelchair Quidditch. Plus, their gender equity rule is called Title 9 ¾ – a play on both Platform 9 and ¾ and Title IX. How can you not love these dedicated, dorky social justice jocks?

Ultimate Frisbee

(Um, actually I think you’ll find it’s just called Ultimate?)

Flying discs meets football in this long-running team sport, which was invented by a bunch of hippies in 1960s California, and now has its own semi-pro league in the US and Canada.

The basic gist is that you’re trying to catch the disc in the opposing team’s end zone, which gets you a point.

The most unusual part of it is that it’s self-policed – there are no refs or umpires, and players call their own fouls.

It has a bit of a bro-y reputation, but because it’s not based on hurling heavy things or tackling people with brute physical strength, the actual game can be pretty inclusive for women and NB folks of all sizes. 31% of Ultimate players in the US identify as women, and the Australian Ultimate League claims to have been Australia’s first ever gender equitable semi-professional elite sports league.


An Avengers-inspired field sport played with a foam hammer instead of a ball, hammerfield was reportedly invented in the Netherlands in 2012.

While there’s the below image on a site called Top End Sports, there’s no footage of the sport being played – but I hope to Odin it’s real, because it sounds fun as hell.

The rules are a little bit like Quidditch – hammer bearers try to use a Mjolnir-style foam hammer to hit the “goal”, which is a bell hanging three metres high at either end of the pitch. They can throw the hammer at the bell (1 point) or jump and hit it with the hammer still in their hand (2 points).

Meanwhile, other players must have the ball in their possession in order to tackle a hammer-bearer, rugby style, and the rest of the game is spent trying to get the ball in order to tackle in order to get the hammer.

It’s full-contact, so you might feel a little Thor after playing.

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Finally Revealed As The Literal Devil, At Least In The Good Omens TV Series

This cast just keeps getting more perfect.

It has always felt like a great injustice that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t big enough in 2001 to be cast as Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. Ralph Fiennes did a fine job, but the snakelike features and eldritch charisma of the future Sherlock would have required fewer hours in the makeup chair and probably made for some much more interesting fan fiction.

But balance is about to be restored to the nerd universe, with the announcement that Bandersnatch Cubbyhouse is joining the cast of Good Omens, as Satan himself.

The Amazon series, based on a cult classic novel by Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Coraline, American Gods) and Terry Pratchett (Discworld), follows a demon and an angel as they maybe sort of try to avert the apocalypse.

The demon, Crowley, is played by David Tennant, and the angel, Aziraphale, is played by Michael Sheen, and they are dressed like this.

Technically Bunnyhutch is not appearing AS the Prince of Darkness, but as “a giant animated Satan”, according to Gaiman.

The voice of God is being played by Frances McDormand, and the rest of the cast includes Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, and Jack Whitehall.

A world where Marge Gunderson is God and Benefiber Cobblestone is Satan seems to all be in order.

Here’s hoping there will be a reason for the Dark Lord Lucifer to say the word “penguins” at some point during the proceedings.

Here’s last year’s Good Omens trailer again, to tide you over until it drops on Amazon Prime, which happens on May 31.

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