You Can Legit Be A Feral Bounty Hunter, Australia Needs You

For those who want a side hustle.

Have you ever wanted to just drop your current boring job and be your own boss in the form of a feral bounty hunter?

You get to lock up crims, work your own hours, and live out the life of all those awesome anti-heroes you’ve seen on TV and movies. Plus, you get to call yourself a goddamn bounty hunter which is just badass.

Well good news, folks! You can legit be a bounty hunter in Australia. Sort of.

Now you can smoke cigarettes and strike cool poses, legitimately!

Now before you get excited over travelling around Australia, hunting down outlaws, and slamming down bounty posters onto a sheriff’s desk in demand of payment, people are off-limits if you decide to be a bounty hunter in Australia.

No, what you’ll be hunting are – wait for it – cats. Feral cats to be specific.

The Banana Shire Council up in Queensland is offering bounties on the presentation of feral cat scalps and are willing to pay you $10 per scalp. Yeah, it’s not quite as lucrative of a business as you think. If you’ve got a soft spot for cats and/or need higher paying bounties, you can hunt down wild dog and dingo scalps for $30 a pop. If this sounds like your schtick, then make sure to stick to only the Banana Shire region because that’s the only place they’ll let you hunt down feral cats and dogs.

Hey, bounty hunting is a tough business and you should know that from all the TV shows and movies you’ve seen.

You’re under arrest! Okay fine, I’ll let you off with a warning in exchange for some snuggles.

So why is bounty hunting for feral cats, wild dogs, and dingos legal in Australia when catching crims isn’t? Well, the short answer is the country has a big pest problem in the form of those aforementioned three animals.

Ever since feral cats were introduced to Australia, they’ve been responsible for the decimation of the native wildlife. While they’re the same species as your pet cat, the difference is feral cats are forced to hunt to survive and this has led to a worrying decline in mammal species and bird numbers. Australia is aiming to cull around 2 million feral cats by 2020, which will be a big chunk of the country’s total feral cat population of about 6 million.

Now we’re not condoning the killing animals or anything here, but at $10 a scalp and a 2 million target to hit, that’s $20 million in feral cat bounties to claim. There’s a lot of bounty hunting to do in the next few months but hey, bounty hunters need to hustle for their dinner and there’s plenty of targets roaming around. Just make sure you stick to the Banana Shire Council area or you won’t get paid.

Just Guess How Many Women Made The Australia's Wealthiest 250 List

It's almost impossible to not get fired up about this list.

It’s no surprise that Australia is home to a lot of wealthy people given our good economy and what not. But with the recent release of the first “Australia’s Wealthiest 250” by The Australian, we’ve gotten a glimpse at not only how loaded the rich are Down Under but also at how gender inequality is still present even when you’re literally swimming in pools of money.

The total wealth of the 250 people on the list comes to a mindboggling $138.33 billion, which is absolutely bonkers. But the most glaring stat is of the 250 people listed, just 27 are women.

On so many levels.

To put that into perspective, Australia’s wealthiest people have enough moolah to rival the GDP of several countries combined and yet only 11% of that wealth is in the hands of women.

Just to frame this in an even more messed up way, of the 27 women just 10 made it into the top 100. Only one woman was ranked in the top 10 and there’s a good chance you’ll know who she is right away.

Here are the 27 women who made the list in reverse order:

239th Nicole Kidman
231st – Carol Schwartz
225th – Irene Messer
214th – Rhonda Wyllie
206th – Kayla Itsines
197th – Yenda Lee & family
196th – Imelda Roche
194th – Victoria Woods
192nd – Judith Brinsmead
190th – Diana Grollo
183rd – Naomi Milgrom
165th – Cyan Ta’eed
162nd – Christina Quinn
118th – Junhui Lin
106th – Nechama Werdiger & family
104th – Jina Chen
102nd – Rhonda Barro
85th – Jamuna Gurung
80th – Gretel Packer
72nd – Judith Neilson
70th – Charlottle Vidor
69th – Alexandra Burt
68th – Leonie Baldock
35th – Angela Bennett
26th – Vicky Teoh
14th – Bianca Rinehart
2nd – Gina Rinehart (unsurprisingly)

Besides the gender imbalance, the list also reveals some interesting patterns in how this wealth is broken down amongst Australia’s wealthiest. The average age of the entire list is 65 and a majority of the listed people’s wealth was inherited from their family. Must be nice to have such a large headstart in life.

But the key takeaway from all this is that seems like it doesn’t matter whether how many dollarydoos you have in the bank because gender inequality is present at all levels of wealth and class in Australia.

Not going to lie here, it’s a hard to feel sorry for all the rich people here simply because they all have more money than we’ll ever see in multiple lifetimes but we’ll persevere because gender inequality is a big issue that needs to be addressed.

And hoo boy does Australia need to do better, on all levels it seems.

How rich people spend their time. Presumably.

Aussie Teens Are Eating Live Possums On Camera Now, Which Is Extremely Normal

Something cooked is happening in Queensland.

Australia really is a country full of weird things and contradictions.

It’s probably the only place in the world where a nightmarish thing like the Huntsman-Eating Spider Wasp exists, and despite a reputation for alcohol and gluttony, it is also one of the healthiest nations on this green(ish) earth.

The latest thing to add to the list is the bizarre new thing kids are doing these days. Instead of normal entertainment options like playing Anthem to pass the time, some Aussie teens are doing some truly awful things to possums, including eating them live while being filmed.

That is not a typo, as much as I want it to be.

Kids these days…

The RSPCA (via has released incredibly disturbing footage of a series of bizarre possum attacks, the most messed up of which involved some Queensland teenager biting chunks of flesh from what appears to be a live possum while his mates egg him on.

Other videos included a man holding a possum in a net before feeding it to his dog, and another man brutally slamming a possum against a wall and throwing it in a bush. It’s not just awful dudes either as the RSPCA also released a photo of two girls posing proudly with a rifle and a dead possum like couple of MAGA cultists.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty says “these are deliberate and premeditated acts of animal cruelty and show a complete lack of empathy.”

Good grief.

If for some reason you want to watch this footage, check it out in the link above or here because I’m not sullying this site with that stuff. Be warned, it is graphic and not for the faint of heart.

Be better, everyone.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it’s that all these possum-hurting people are in trouble.

The RSPCA issued a statement saying that the women in the photo could be prosecuted if they did shoot the possum as the animal is protected under the Nature Conservation Act. The man who allegedly slammed the possum into a wall was caught and charged by police last month.

We live in a time where the bar is continually being lowered when it comes to proper behaviour – our politicians are decking each other in the halls of parliament for god’s sake – but it appears that we’re nowhere near rock bottom yet.

I have no idea where this recent slew of possum cruelty came from but there is definitely something cooked happening in Queensland. Maybe there’s something in the water, or maybe Sydney’s cocaine has made its way up north or something. Whatever it is, here’s hoping it stops ASAP because this is wrong on so many levels that my fear of heights is acting up.

You can say that again.

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