Mike Myers Has Confirmed That Austin Powers 4 Is In The Works And This Is Definitely Some Form Of Punishment

Why can't we leave this series in 2002 where it belongs?

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a vague period of time around the late-90’s and early-00’s when everyone was obsessed with Austin Powers. Every dude was dressed in a crushed velvet suit and glasses for Halloween, People who weren’t surfers began unironically saying “Groovy, baby”, and you couldn’t say “one million dollars” without putting a pinky finger to your lip.

I can still hear the background music when I see this.

Well, if Mike Myers has his way, that time will soon be back. The actor behind the once-ginormous franchise has revealed that an Austin Powers 4 is in the works.

Speaking with Access Hollywood during the premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody, Myers said that the return of the Shagadelic Super Spy is ‘looking good’. He added that the primary reason for the sixteen-year delay between franchise instalments was that he was raising children and that Austin Powers director Jay Roach was busy, but that progress on a new instalment is on track.

He later told Entertainment Tonight that he’d like to focus more on Dr Evil this time around, telling the movie from the famed antagonist’s perspective. “So it would be Dr. Evil 1, Austin Powers 4, is how I would roll,” he said.

Needless to say, a lot has changed since the last Austin Powers film, Goldmember, came out in 2002. Aside from the fact that the very Bond films Austin Powers was lampooning have completely reinvented themselves, his co-star in Goldmember, Beyonce, is a literal God now. Meanwhile, his other co-star Will Ferrell has formed his own successful movie career, and the man behind Mini-Me, Verne Troyer, has tragically passed away.

RIP Verne.

All that, and maybe jokes about Fat Bastards and shagging everyone aren’t exactly 2018’s speed?

Word of advice, Mike: We don’t want more Austin Powers. You know what we do want? More Shrek.


Give the people what they want, Mike. Give the people the All-Star Swamp-Dweller. I’m a believer, Mike.

Idris Elba And Tilda Swinton Will Star In George Miller’s First Movie Post-Fury Road And Mad Max Can Just Take A Seat Already

The film is set to be a very un-Mad Max love story involving a genie. Sign us up.

World’s most beautiful man Idris Elba and the world’s coolest strange human, Tilda Swinton, are set to star in the new film by Mad Max: Fury Road director, Aussie, and all-around cool bloke George Miller, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.

Titled Three Thousand Years of Longing (aka Djinn), details of the film are scarce. However, Hollywood Reporter’s sources have confirmed that it’s a love story involving a genie and that it will be significantly different in tone from the action-packed Fury Road.

Does this mean that we might get Idris Elba as a romantic, sexy genie? Maybe!

The project is yet to find a production studio or even financial backing. That is expected to change very soon, however, with a bidding war reportedly already in motion for the rights to produce and distribute the film.

Originally, Miller was set to direct two sequels to Fury Road, with Mad Max: The Wasteland rumoured to be the next instalment in the long-running franchise.

To Valhalla!

However, a legal battle between Miller and Mad Max‘s production company Warner Brothers over royalties is said to have delayed any progress on that front.

In any case, I, for one, am happy to wait for more Mad Max if it means more sexy Idris Elba in the interim.

Yes, please.

The Actors In The Original Sharknado Almost Quit The Movie Because It Was Named Sharknado

Did they not realise what they were getting into when they read the script?

When it comes to B-Grade, so-bad-its-good films, no current film series is bigger than Sharknado. Now on its sixth (sixth!) instalment, the franchise about fish-related weather phenomena has become both a huge hit and a household name, despite not actually being good at all.

Mmm, sharks.

In the lead-up to the US release of The Last Sharknado – which, by the way, we don’t believe will be the last one for a second – producers SyFy have published an oral history of the film series.

The most fascinating fact to come out of the profile is that many of the original actors almost quit the first film because it was named Sharknado.

For context: Some film productions will have fake names attached to them, to stop things like production leaks. In Sharknado’s case, it was Dark Skies.

The problem was, once the actors discovered that the movie wasn’t named Dark Skies and had a more, shall we say, unique name, they revolted.

As director Anthony C. Ferrante said:

I describe it like in Frankenstein, where all the villagers had torches and pitchforks. And they’re going, “We heard that this thing might be called Sharknado!”

And I was like, “Uh… where did you hear that?” And they’re like, “No, they’ve got to call it something else! Call it Dark Skies!” And it was so funny. They were just panicked.

The director was charged with calming the cast down and eventually getting them on board with the mildly-ridiculous name.

Which, to be fair, still isn’t as ridiculous as the concept of a tornado full of sharks.

Yep, that’s certainly a sharknado

Seriously, did none of the actors read the script? There’s a pretty big tornado full of sharks in the movie. It’s not hard to miss.


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