Scott Morrison Appears To Have Chucked A Harold Holt By Disappearing Off This Burning Earth

Not sure if Harold Holt is the PM you want to imitate, Scott.

It’s been a particularly difficult bushfire season and it seems like everything is on fire. But while Australia is burning, our Prime Minister Scott Morrison appears to have taken a leaf from Harold Holt and disappeared off the face of this charred earth without a single trace.

We thought we were being paranoid but after some digging, it seems like something fishy is afoot.

When the bushfires started getting out of hand in NSW and QLD at the beginning of November, Scotty was going around and offering “thoughts and prayers” to the poor victims while ignoring calls for action on climate change.

After a few more days of rubbing shoulders and posing for photos, Scott Morrison just… disappeared from the public eye. No phone call, text or a final “thoughts and prayers.” He just upped and went.

His most recent Facebook post was a thing about drought relief from November 14 while his most recent tweet was from November 12. That’s the longest period of time between social posts we’ve gotten from ol’ mate and it’s starting to worry us.

So to sum up the situation so far, Australia is in the midst of a terrible bushfire crisis and Scott Morrison, who is our Prime Minister and our country’s leader by the way, has gone AWOL rather than helping to lead this country out of trouble.

Not sure if playing the Harold Holt card at this particular point in time is the best move for Scotty. Then again, our Deputy PM has been going around telling people he knows more about bushfires than scientists so perhaps they know something we don’t know. Just sayin’.

We’re far from the only ones who have noticed Scott Morrison’s conspicuous absence as the folks on Twitter have started trending “#WheresScotty” and “#HaroldHolt” hashtags to highlight our PM’s convenient disappearance from the public eye.

Can’t imagine this Harold Holt-esque move has anything to do with former Australian fire chiefs saying the Coalition ignored their advice because they didn’t want to talk about climate change, or the increasing number of frustrated farmers who want action on climate change from Scotty.

Now no one really knows what exactly is going on with Scott Morrison and his sudden disappearance mid-bushfire season. Hell, he might just be taking a few sick days off because giving out all those “thoughts and prayers” to folks who have lost their homes in the blaze can take a toll.

Or perhaps his staff took his phone away from him and put him in the time out corner.


Okay, it appears someone has spotted a Scott Morrison out in the wild!

Ol’ mate was spotted rubbing shoulders with folks at the record-breaking Sydney to London Qantas flight.

Cool, after you’re done, Scott, maybe shift your attention back to the bushfires. Those are still going on in case you didn’t know.

Gladys, How Are You OK With NSW Police Strip-Searching Children?

It's not a good look for a NSW Premier.

Hey Gladys Berejiklian, you’re the NSW premier, yeah? Okay cool, just wanted to get your thoughts on the horrendous stuff that has come out on NSW police strip-searching young girls.

According to The Guardian, NSW police have performed strip-searches on 3,919 women in the state since 2016 based on data acquired by the Redfern Legal Centre under freedom of information laws. That’s a pretty high number but that’s not the worrying statistic.

Of the 3,919 strip-searches, 122 of them were performed young girls under the age of 18 over the last three years. And as the bitter cherry on top of this horrendous cake, eight girls were only 13 years old and two were only 12 years old.

As for how successful the strip-searches were, the obtained data shows that 66 percent found nothing while 28 percent of the searches were performed using “drug-dog detection” as the reason.

This is just the latest incident in a series of negative things that seem to be smacking the NSW police of late, like the watchdog investigation into the controversial strip-search of a 16-year-old girl at the 2018 Splendour in the Grass festival.

Speaking to The Guardian, head of police accountability at the Redfern Legal Centre, Samantha Lee, says:

“We know from the recent LECC hearings that young women are being asked to squat, and in the LECC case, an officer got on the ground and looked underneath the young woman.

“How many other young women have been subjected to such concerning police practice?”

So Gladys, how exactly are you okay with the NSW police strip-searching so many women, some of whom are underaged and likely have no clue about what their legal rights are?

You’re the NSW premier and essentially the face of all this. You’re basically the boss of all this so how can you let this sort of behaviour by the NSW police slide? It’s not a good look for the boss of a workplace, Gladys, let alone the top tog of the state.

A spokesperson for the NSW police has issued out a response (via The Guardian) stating that it was “not appropriate” to comment on the LECC’s ongoing inquiring into strip-searches. They reasoned that police “do not enjoy carrying out strip-searches” but it is “a power that has been entrusted to [them] and searches reveal drugs and weapons”.

“People who are trying to hide such items frequently secrete them in private places, and the only way to locate them is by a strip-search, which may involve asking the person to squat.”

The spokesperson didn’t address anything about strip-searching girls as young as 12 but said that strip-searches represented “fewer than one percent of the total number of searches” and 20 percent of strip-searches occurred due to indications of drug detection.

“The use of drug-detection dogs in operational policing is a highly specialised field and NSWPF is committed to ensuring that our training is the best it can be and that the use of drug-detection dogs reflects world’s best practise.

“There are additional safeguards for children and vulnerable people with which police must comply; officers are trained to deal with the public in a respectful and empathetic manner.”

At the time of writing, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) carrying out an inquiry into whether it is illegal to force people to squat during a strip-search.

Kevin The Kookaburra's Alleged Killer Flees Australia, And Likely Justice

The poor bird stole a chip from someone and got decapitated as a result.

The story of Kevin the Kookaburra has taken a new and dramatic turn as it is reported that his alleged killer has fled Australia.

To quickly recap what’s happened so far, Kevin the Kookaburra was having a normal day just chilling outside the Parkerville Tavern in Perth and occasionally stealing food from pubgoers.

But the bird stole a chip off the wrong person’s plate as the wronged man got so enraged that he allegedly decapitated Kevin with his bare hands.

Following the alleged incident, the man reportedly (via 9News) has been inundated with so many death threats that his lawyer, Ross Williamson, has said that he’s fled Australia with his partner.

While refusing to discuss details of the case, the allegations or whether his client is responsible or not for Kevin the kookaburra’s death, Williamson did state that he issued out two restraining orders to women who were involved in an online vigilante campaign.

Williamson also tried to make it clear that the kookaburra is an “invasive species” and Kevin in particular is a known nuisance.

“I’ve told people to stop threatening to kill, harm or rape my client. The kookaburra is an invasive species in WA. Until recently you could shoot them with impunity and people used to do that and get a community service award for doing that sort of thing.

“This particular bird I have reports about. It has attacked children. It’s injured the faces of children… this bird is – or was – a dangerous nuisance animal and the Parkerville Tavern should have done something to deal with it.”

Just wanted to clarify though that kookaburras are actually a native species and are only considered an invasive species in Tasmania.

Anyway, Williamson then turned his attention to the state government and had a go at them for focusing on investigating the alleged decapitation of Kevin the kookaburra rather than going after those making death threats to his client.

“I hear nothing about the police investigating and prosecuting people for making threats to harm, kill and rape my clients. I call on the police to do that – to investigate this criminal vigilante.”

Well he’s not wrong about the investigation part.

Following Kevin’s decapitation, RSPCA WA issued a statement confirming that they’re pursuing the matter while Agriculture and Food Minister, Alannah MacTiernan, has confirmed that the incident is under review, saying: “We are now checking with the department whether or not this can be characterised as an act of animal cruelty.”

It remains to be seen how this unfortunate tale of Kevin the kookaburra will resolve itself, whether the alleged killer will be brought to justice, and whether Williamson’s client who fled the country will return to Australia at some point.

But for now, let’s have a beer and put out a plate of pub chips in memory of Kevin the kookaburra.

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