Fans Are Rallying For Ariana Grande To Get Back With Her Ex, And She Would Kindly Like That To Stop

C'mon guys.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the fact that Ariana Grande once dated a man named Ricky. She wrote some songs about him, now she listens and laughs.

If you weren’t fully caught up on the fact that Ariana dated Ricky Alvarez from her backup dancer troupe back in 2015, the name-checking in ‘thank u, next’ provided a widespread sense of at least vague awareness.

But some fans seem to have missed the sentiment behind Ariana Grande’s recent onwards and upwards anthem – and they are rallying on Instagram to urge Ari to reunite with Ricky.

Basically, the excitement kicked off when Ariana commented on this photo of Ricky, saying “these colours are sick”. Just friendly stuff.

But old ships die hard for a lot of fans, and they took this comment and ran with it. Hordes of comments along the lines of “We’re ready for Rickianaaa”, and “@arianagrande we’re all waiting for rickiana 2k19” crowding the Instagram post, and a whole lot of those fans tagging Ariana specifically.

While there were also a few fans defending Ariana and her right to be friends with her ex without getting spammed, that was not enough to drown out the cries for Rickiana.

Ariana has never been one to be quiet on social media, and she reacted with all grace like a true queen.

She responded to everyone, though directly tagging one fervent fan in particular, basically telling them to chill.

“@ariandricky we’re friends everyone take a big ol breather ?”

It’s actually a very awesome thing that Ariana (or anyone) can have a healthy friendship with someone they used to have a romantic relationship with, so let’s leave her to enjoy that in peace.

Apparently Ariana Grande Hid A Secret Message In Her Pete Davidson Song, Of Course

Classic Ari.

OK fam, the Ariana Grande fandom (@me) is back on their bulls**t, and still making some fresh, Pete-Davidson-related discoveries.

Cast your mind back to the release of Ari’s track ‘Pete Davidson’, named for her at-the-time fiancé. The openness with which Ariana Grande shared her romantic life with us was thrilling and the song was a blessing.

But one fan has looked a little closer and found what looks like a pretty damn indiscreet coded message that was right in front of us the whole time.

Twitter user and Ariana Grande fan @gracelbarry posted her revelation just today:

I was looking up Ariana Grande guitar chords (I don’t have a guitar) and discovered the chords to “Pete Davidson” are just BAE over and over and I can’t believe I just wrote the Da Vinci Code.”

Literally the song composition just says bae over and over and over again. Bae as in, ‘before anyone else’, ‘baby’, ‘babe’, ‘my beloved’, you know the drill.

If it was just about anyone else I would say this is a coincidence, but Ariana absolutely WOULD.

Now excuse me while I proceed to look up the chord progressions to every Ariana song ever to ensure we haven’t missed any other hidden gems like this bae-fest.

Kris Jenner Stealing Kendall’s Victoria's Secret Runway Spotlight Is Ruthlessly Strategic

The woman knows how to make headlines.

Kris Jenner is hailed as somewhat of a marketing genius, for conquering the unconquerable: creating a brand out of nothing. Literally, the Kardashians are famous for being famous, it makes no sense, and Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind their success.

So, while Kris is making headlines for playing the ‘dorky mom’ character at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, let’s be honest, Kris Jenner knows exactly what she is doing.

Her daughter Kendall Jenner is strutting down the catwalk, and what does Kris do? She makes a damn scene. She knows filming and waving at her daughter will make good content and she is not wrong. She’s a genius.

Obviously this carefully constructed scene is throwing back to her starring role in Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ video. Everyone was excited to see Kris Jenner fulfilling her destiny playing Regina George’s mum, but no one is as excited as Kris Jenner herself.

And the internet reacted exactly how I’m sure Kris wanted us too! She knows what she’s doing!

So let’s just have a moment of appreciation for Kris Jenner’s ruthless marketing of herself, and her entire family. Just because it’s Kendall’s gig, doesn’t mean Kris isn’t going to turn it into her moment. You’re doing amazing sweetie.

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