Excuse Me, Is Ariana Grande About To Drop Thank U Next Part 2 And Spill Some More Tea?

It’s looking like we’ve got a classic Ariana song tease on our hands.

Remember when Ariana Grande dragged her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson on Twitter with some gloriously messy posts, including the words, “thank u, next”?

And then a few days later dropped the absolute bop ‘thank u, next’ that literally expresses her untainted gratitude to all her ex-boyfriends, thus revealing that the Twitter drama was, in fact, a lyrical preview?

WELL. It looks a whole lot like Ariana is back on her bullsh*t and teasing a new song via some cryptically lyrical Twitter posts. For instance:

“good at overthinking w my heart …. how u even think it got this far”

She backed it up with a video of her singing a new song with just piano accompaniment, and it’s so damn beautiful. The video is captioned ‘needy ass’, which put together with the lyrics teased so far makes it sound like this song is going to give us even more insight into her past (and perhaps recent) relationships.

Ariana fans have been quick to notice the very Ari-like hints at a new track, and people are feeling fairly impatient and demanding to say the least.

Basically, we want the new Ariana track (and album), and we want it now. Please.

Lady Gaga Posing With Stools In Her Variety Photoshoot Is The New Ariana Grande Stool Challenge

This photo collection is America’s Next Top model winning material.

If you haven’t heard of the Ariana Grande Stool Challenge/general controversy, that’s referring to the conspiracy that there is no possible way that Ari could actually be sitting on that stool in the album cover art for My Everything. It just seems to defy the laws of physics.

Many a person has tried to recreate the iconic pose, and many a person has failed.

Now Lady Gaga has seemingly entered into the ring of creative and semi-impossible stool poses in the photoshoot for her just-released Variety cover story.

Lady Gaga is working that stool like her life damn depends on it.

People have been quick to draw the comparison between the two pop stars and their impressive chair-posing abilities. Both are inspirational musicians, women, and users of stools as fun props.

But can we please appreciate Lady Gaga wearing stiletto heels, and balancing on this chair on one damn leg like it ain’t no thing. And the Superman pose. Pure genius at play here.

Lady Gaga’s Variety photoshoot isn’t just glorious in comparison to Ariana Grande’s album artwork, but also to all the celebrities who came before her and used chairs in the most mundane ways for their cover stories.

This photo comparison from Oh No They Didn’t is something beautiful to behold.

So I guess the sign of a true queen is the ability to both balance and innovate with basic items like stools. We are ready for our Ariana/Lady Gaga collaboration now. Thank you.

This Resurfaced Video Of Ariana Grande Doing A Terrible Aussie Accent And Steve Irwin Impersonation Is So Precious

Bless all the non-Australians out there who think she’s nailed it.

Seeing as we are in the thick of the movement of Ariana Grande appreciation, what better time for fans to resurface a majestic video of our pop-star galpal giving us her best impression of an Aussie accent?

Because even though vocal impressions are Ariana Grande’s ‘thing’, her Steve Irwin impression definitely misses the mark. Thank you for trying Ari but this is a hard no on the accuracy front. But five stars for being adorable and giving it a crack.

People are going wild over the video since it was posted on Twitter on the weekend, though it’s from 2016 and actually seems to be filmed by her then boyfriend Mac Miller.

In the video she narrates her hunt around the wilderness (of a garden), Steve Irwin stye, looking for bugs and chatting about reindeers. Because apparently that is relevant to an Australian impression. Because no one really knows what goes on down here let’s be honest.

I love her for trying but damn this accent really does not sound like us, hey! At times she’s nearly achieving an extreme lad Aussie accent, but most of the time it’s closer to a New Zealand accent or The Good Place’s terrible Aussie accents.

And putting aside the fact that this guy doesn’t know who Ariana Grande is (for shame!), he makes a good point about the resemblance of Ari’s accent to that of a South African local. So close but so far.

But not even a 2016 video of Ariana Grande failing at being Aussie can make us stop loving her because watching her try is pretty damn adorable.


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