Ariana Grande Using Her Tour To Register Young Voters Should Be The Industry Standard

Fame and fandom can and should be turned into social change.

Ariana Grande has an astronomically huge fandom of passionate, loyal followers, and with that power to influence, comes great responsibility. No stranger to speaking up about social and political issues, Ariana is now using her Sweetener/Thank U, Next World Tour to galvanise her young fans into getting politically engaged.

Ariana has partnered with Head Count to run the campaign #ThankUNextGen on the ground at her tour concert venues with the intention of registering young voters.

Ariana called out on Instagram encouraging her unregistered fans to visit the booth or register via text.

“so excited to partner w @headcountorg to bring voter registration & participation to all of the US stops on the @sweetener tour. visit the headcount booth at the show to use your voice and get your ‘thank u, next gen’ sticker ?? If you can’t be there to register on-site, text ‘Ariana’ to 40649 ? each and every one of you makes a difference. #thankunextgen ?”

Head Count have partnered with a bunch of musicians from Beyoncé to Harry Styles to get fans on the ground registered to vote. It’s an initiative that grows the representation of young people when it comes to voting time.

There was a big push to get millennials registered before last year’s US midterm election, and the impact celebrities can have was exemplified in the surge of new voters registered after Taylor Swift broker her political silence and backed a candidate.

Now the push continues as America comes up to its 2020 presidential election, because getting young people politically engaged is a powerful way to incite change.

While Head Count is an American organisation, the use of fame and fandom to get people politically engaged is something that translates to any country, including ours.

Not all young Australians are registered to vote, although there was an extraordinary 90,000 new voters – mostly young – who joined the electorate leading up to the marriage equality postal vote in 2017. It goes to show that sometimes it takes a call to action to get people engaged.

Artists have an opportunity to do that, and these kinds of initiatives that Ariana, Beyoncé, and even Taylor Swift are standing for, should be industry standard.

Never Forget Zac Efron Made A Bigger Tattoo Mistake Than Ariana, Pete Davidson And Bieber Combined

Zac Efron walked so they could run.

The last year has been a big one for celebrities getting tattoos that they (or at least we) would categorise as regrettable.

Pete Davidson turned his Ariana Grande tribute tattoo into a disturbingly grim memento of their relationship. Ariana Grande ‘adapted’ her Pete Davidson tattoo for post-break-up closure. Halsey stirred up controversy by getting a giant Marilyn Manson tattoo. Justin Bieber got an entire word tattoo’d on his face.

Post Malone…existed.

But before Ariana, Pete, Bieber and the rest, there was Zac Efron.

Zac Efron came into our lives as the golden boy of Disney’s High School Musical franchise, (even though Zeke was unquestionably better.) But naturally, as he grew up, he took some wrong turns.

Never forget that Zac Efron got a tattoo that said ‘YOLO’.

The year was 2011, and the term ‘YOLO’ was only just coming into popularity. It was a wholesome acronym that declared ‘You Only Live Once’ as if it were a call to action. “Carpe diem!” it seemed to say. “Live your best life!” it suggested.

But the term quickly went from genuine to ironic, mocked far and wide in the meme-iverse.

But alas, it was too late for Zefron, who already had ‘YOLO’ inked into the skin on his hand.

Whether the tattoo was a sober decision or Zac Efron “woke up with it”, as he attested to The Evening Standard in 2012, the YOLO tat is a key moment in the history of celebrity tattoo mistakes.

So when we think of this great era of over-zealous celebrity tattoos, don’t forget that Zac Efron was here first, a visionary ahead of his time.

Here’s Why Ariana Grande Actually Only Gets A Tiny Fraction Of The 7 Rings Publishing Royalties Cash

That's showbiz.

‘7 Rings’ is one of Ariana’s biggest hits to date, dominating the billboards with the #1 spot around the globe, and winning our hearts. By all counts this track is a certified money-maker, and it’s absolutely raking in the dollars.

But Ariana Grande actually only gets a surprisingly teeny tiny fraction of the publishing royalties, so she won’t see a lot of that cash.

The reason for this is all in the song’s glorious appropriation of ‘My Favorite Things’, Maria’s iconic storm-coping song from the beloved 1959 musical, The Sound of Music.

According to The New York Times, to sample the adapted version of ‘My Favorite Things’ on her track, Ariana struck a deal that awards 90% of the royalties to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music publishers.

“(7 Rings) Wouldn’t exist in its current form were it not for ‘My Favorite Things.” said Jake Wisely, the chief publishing executive of Concord – the firm that has controlled the rights to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music since 2017, decades after the deaths of both artists. 

Concord chiefs look set to make millions of dollars from the ‘7 Rings’ success, while Ariana may receive under 2% of the publishing profits. The track is credited to 10 writers al up, so whatever her final share is, it’s just a fraction of 10%.

Ariana will, however, receive normal artist royalties for ‘7 Rings’. Plus there’s no doubt that Ariana is not struggling financially, so we’re not too stressed. Hedonism is literally the main theme of this track that heralds,

“Whoever said money can’t solve your problems/Must not have had enough money to solve ’em.”

So while Ari is missing out on the lion’s share of the profits for this song, that’s definitely a sacrifice she can afford to make to get the sound she wants.

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