Ariana Grande And *NSYNC Collab Is Far Too Powerful For This World But They Blessed Us Anyway

Bye Bye Bye walked so Thank U, Next could run.

Ariana Grande’s headline slot at Coachella was a massive treat for the world but who ever expected that she’d drop some fat 90s nostalgia on us like this.

It’s been confirmed by Coachella sources that Ariana Grande and 90s heartthrob honeys *NSYNC are going to be joining their all-powerful forces and bring us something truly beautiful.


Now, these same sources claim that Justin Timberlake won’t be there, which is a damn shame BUT this isn’t going to stop me from crying the good cry, no sir.

There is speculation that *NSYNC will make a special appearance for Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Boredduring Ariana’s set on Coachella’s weekend one.

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored actually samples the *NSYNC song, It Makes Me Ill. 

Call me crazy, but we might even get a little mashup action, Glee –style.


It’s no secret that Ariana is a massive fan of the 90s/00s and throwbacks, taking inspiration from 00s rom-coms for Thank U, Next and sampling older songs for her tracks including intro track to Sweetener, Raindrops.

Ariana even shared that she was an *NSYNC fan from very young, posting this sweet vid to Insta.

Catch me in my bed, watching the livestream with a big bag of chips and fully passing out when Joey Fatone steps onto that stage.

Ariana Grande Perfectly Shutting Down A Twitter Troll Just Further Confirms Her Icon Status

thank u, next to that attitude.

Queen Ariana Grande is absolutely setting Twitter on fire amidst her newfound obsession with tweet-sprees.

In between Sweetener tour stops, Ariana has been furiously tapping away on her phone and making all the fans feel super connected, like she could really maybe be just like us. (SPOILER: She’s not. She’s God among the people.)

A fan called her on her Twitter habits.

Ariana came in with a quirky response, ‘I’ll keep popping in.’

Now look, Twitter slang is a very touchy subject. You either use it correctly, or not at all. That’s usually the blanket rules, but sometimes, trolls will find you anyway and jump on you for it.

Ariana got hit with a fan that decided to go too far and tear into her age.

Phwoar! Ari stans are BRUTAL.

Good thing Ariana wouldn’t accept this as a response and totally laid into her with a, pretty great threat.

Personally, I would be honoured.

There Is A Very Real Possibility That You Could Be Sued Over Your Fan Tattoos So Think Before You Ink

It's not 'my body, my rules' anymore.

Tattoos are undoubtedly a form of self-expression and art but it turns out that your skin might actually belong to someone else as soon as the tattoo artist makes the first mark.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly stinging to add to your ever-growing ink collection that initially started with ‘one, small one on your wrist’, but somehow turned into two half-sleeves.

(I have no regrets but I honestly don’t know how it happened.)

It wasn’t until my last tattoo that I started to think, ‘who actually owns this?’

I made a video getting the GOAT company logo tattooed to my arm while reiterating thoughts that run through my head while getting a tattoo, and quite frankly, it’s a bangin’ video.


Thoughts I didn’t consider before getting the tattoo included, but are not limited to: what rights does the company have over my tattoo? Do I own it? Does my tattoo artist own it?

And the pièce de résistance, Do I owe someone money?

I started quaking in my boots because I’m a millennial with an undiagnosed spending problem and thirst for bad decisions so obviously, I’m too broke for any kind of lawsuit.

Upon some deep-diving, it turns out you, the client, have absolutely no ownership over your tattoos whatsoever.

Everything belongs to the artist.

Robin Richardson specialises in intellectual property cases for KISCH IP. He states,

Tattoos are classified as an artistic work under the Copyright Act and therefore only the owner of the work may reproduce or adapt it.

Every time a person takes a picture of their tattoo and posts it on social media, they are infringing the copyright of the work’s owner.

The same principles apply when requesting a custom design based on an image on the Internet.

Although it may be adapted and thus considered a new work, it would still be infringing the copyright of the original work’s owner.

This goes for all you stannies out there with hidden One Direction logo tatts and that one girl at schoolies that got free chicken for life for inking the KFC logo on her foot – you don’t own that part of your body anymore.

The reality is that if those tattoo artists or original logo designers wanted to, they could totally sue you.

Ariana Grande can get a little Eevee tattoo, and not really stress because, she’s Ariana Grande and she can afford the lawsuit.

Just do yourself a favour and think before you ink.


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