The New Character Posters For Aquaman Are Inexplicably, And Unintentionally, Hilarious

I’ve never seen an Aquaman movie in my life but now I’m definitely considering it.

If you’re an Aquaman fan then please enjoy these posters just released by Warner Bros. of all of the characters for the upcoming film. If you are not an Aquaman fan then please enjoy this wildly extra aqua-glam photoshoot.

Full disclosure, I have never seen an Aquaman film. I am not familiar with the comic or the characters. I do not understand how they have managed to turn sharks into vehicles or create such flawlessly waterproof makeup.

But from what I’ve read, I understand that Aquaman is in fact self aware about how overtly extra the whole production is. Ridiculous is their chosen aesthetic, and I respect that.

Because the unapologetically over the top glory of these posters is giving me joy.

Look at Aquaman!!! He is so grumpy. But his golden ab-suit is so fashion! I don’t know about you guys but Khal Drogo glowed up aqua-glam style is absolutely doing it for me.

This is Amber Heard in her most casual wetsuit doing her most casual underwater pose. No time to mind the sharks when you’ve gotta get the shot.



Shark 2: “AHHHHHH”

Nicole Kidman take my heart and soul. Queen Atlanna is slaying so hard this looks like the winning photo from the latest season of America’s Next Top Model. This is a look.


Willem Dafoe looks sexy with his hair pushed back. Would you please tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back?

Wearing this shell-armour and headwear glamour and riding on a giant sea horse is this biggest damn aqua-flex I’ve ever seen in my life. A true king.

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