The Ultra-Rich Need To Stop Buying 'Pet' Cheetahs Or They'll Soon Be Wiped Out

Is this even a question!?

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that cheetahs most definitely do not make good pets. However, for some people with money burning a hole in their pocket, it’s well worth the risk of extinction. 

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A new report from CNN has found that some 300 cheetahs are being trafficked out of Somaliland, a breakaway state from Somalia, every year. According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), that’s equivalent to “the entire population of adult and adolescent cheetahs in unprotected areas in the Horn of Africa.”

“If you do the math, the math kind of shows that it’s only going to be a matter of a couple of years [before] we are not going to have any cheetahs,” CCF founder and conservation biologist Laurie Marker told CNN.

Apparently, the animals are being smuggled across the border and stowed away on boats headed towards the Arabian Peninsula to become pets for the rich. According to the CCF, “only one in six cubs survives the journey to buyers.”

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The CCF states that cheetahs have been seen as ‘status symbols’ since Ancient Egyptian times. Today, it’s illegal to remove wild animals like cheetahs from the wild, but that hasn’t stopped an illegal trade estimated to be worth billions. 

Apart from the obvious risks associated with owning a pet cheetah, like being mauled to death by one, they are extremely difficult to care for. CNN reports that “as the world’s fastest land mammal, cheetahs need space to run and a special diet.”

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“Most Gulf owners do not know how to care for the cats, and the majority of captive cheetahs die within a year or two,” experts told CNN.

After being questioned by CNN, the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment “denied there were pet cheetahs in the country’s private houses” but dozens of disturbing social media posts featuring the animal beg to differ. 

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People are even selling their pet cheetahs via platforms like Instagram and YouTube. A CCF study found 1,367 cheetahs for sale on social media between January 2012 and January 2018, primarily from Arab Gulf States. 

CCF is attempting to end the illegal pet trade by facilitating confiscations, and by working with NGOs to address “issues such as law enforcement, demand reduction, procedures for the placement of confiscated cheetahs, and cyber-crime.” 

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Marker told CNN, “we really need influencers, we need the governments, the kings, the princes, or the queens to actually say this is not right.”

“If we can save them, we are going to give them the best life that they can have, but they shouldn’t be in our care. They should be in the wild.”

You can help by reporting illegal activities involving pet cheetahs or cheetah products to the CCF, by spreading the word and engaging in responsible tourism. 

An 'OA' Fan Is Redefining Obsession By Going On A Hunger Strike Outside Netflix HQ

If you thought your passion for Game of Thrones was strong, you’ve got nothing on this fangirl who is so upset about The OA being cancelled, she’s on a hunger strike outside Netflix headquarters as we speak.

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Earlier this month, the mind-bending Netflix series The OA was cancelled. It was a devastating loss for fans and those involved in the show itself. Britt Marling, who played the role of Prairie Johsnon in The OA, took to Instagram to tell fans “the first time I heard the news I had a good cry.”

“We feel profound gratitude to Netflix and the people we have worked with there for making it possible to make Part I and Part II. We feel proud of those 16 uncompromised hours,” she wrote. “In large part, millions upon millions of you have given us this sense of pride by watching – with the comments you’ve left, the art you’ve made, the Reddit theories you’ve sown, the movements you’ve performed in public squares, bedrooms, nightclubs and backyards all over the world.”

The OA’s sudden departure from Netflix caused such an uproar, the fans of the show took to social media with the hashtag #SaveTheOA and threatened cancelling their subscriptions to the streaming service. They’ve even started a petition to save the show which has racked up almost 80,000 signatures.

…But one fan took the protest one step further. According to The Independent, 35-year-old fan Emperial Young claims she hasn’t eaten since August 16th and plans to continue her hunger strike until Netflix renews the show. 

Credit: Twitter

“Entertainment is food for the human soul and Netflix’s algorithm isn’t measuring that right now,” Young told Insider during a protest outside Netflix HQ. “And by not taking physical food, I’m saying that this show is more important food to me than actual food.”

This week, Young tweeted, “While it looks like I’m protesting a TV cancellation on the surface, I am protesting the capitalist forces that killed the show, general lack of societal support resources, and to raise awareness about properly teaching AI. The cancellation is a lense for these topics.”

Credit: Twitter

In another lengthy Twitter thread, Young explained her hunger strike and how important television shows are when it comes to helping people cope with mental health issues. 

Here’s hoping Netflix gives the people what they so clearly want.

If you, or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues, contact Lifeline of 13 11 14 or 1800 REACHOUT for support.

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