Will Smith's Version Of 'Friend Like Me' Is A Rap And It's Actually Bloody Good

So keen for this movie now.

Will Smith has appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote the new live-action version of Aladdin which is out in a couple of weeks and revealed just how nervous he was to take on the role – and for good reason, he’s been getting slammed for his look in the movie!

The actor revealed he initially didn’t want the role and told the execs, “Hell no!”

He added, “Robin Williams smashed that role and when you look at things like that you always try to find what you would do differently, what would you add to that? So, I looked at it and the first thing, I felt like I didn’t want to touch it.”

He added that one of the things that drew him to the role was when he was messing with the music, he had them use the drums from The Honey Drippers’ ‘Impeach the President‘ and he rapped ‘Friend Like Me’ along with it.

He then proceeded to start rapping the song and it actually sounded great!

We can’t wait to hear the full version of the song and we’re glad to hear he’s doing his own thing with the role and not just trying to copy Williams’ style.

Plus, let’s be honest, the look of the character wasn’t Will’s fault. He has serious potential to nail the role.

Watch the interview and rap here:

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