Could Will Smith Also Be Playing A Secret Character In Aladdin?

An old confirmed theory from the 1992 animated classic may be making a return for the 2019 remake.

We’ve been inundated with teases and footage from Disney’s upcoming Aladdin remake over the last few weeks and the general buzz can be summed up as: Will Smith’s Genie looks weird and Arrested Development memes involving blue man Tobias.

But while people are busy judging Smith’s Genie based on the released footage and images, we have a theory that there’s more to the character in the live-action Aladdin than just a beatboxing blue Shrek.

Here’s our hunch: Will Smith is also playing a secret character in addition to Genie.

To show that this isn’t some far-reaching thing we pulled out of a lamp, here’s some background context for how this theory came about.

Remember the fast-talking peddler character who appears at the beginning of the 1992 animated version of Aladdin? Well the prevailing fan theory is the peddler is actually the Genie in disguise and the film was told from his perspective the whole time.

This theory was later confirmed by the film’s directors, Ron Clements and John Musker, who explained that it was their intention to have the peddler and Genie be the same character (Robin Williams even recorded lines for the peddler) and have it all be revealed at the very end but the idea was sadly cut during the editing process.

Subtle, Genie, very subtle.

So how does this theory carry across to the upcoming live-action Aladdin remake? Well let us draw your attention to this 30-second trailer from the film.

Unlike every other trailer we’ve seen so far, this one has Smith narrating and he drops the very intriguing line, “It’s time that I told you the story of Aladdin, the Princess, and the lamp.” Now this could just be a trailer-only voice over that holds no bearing on the film and we’re reading way too much into it.

Or it could be a hint that Aladdin is actually told from the Genie’s perspective, perhaps under the guise of an inconspicuous peddler.

Seeing as how all the Disney live-action remakes have adhered to the source material’s storylines while incorporating some new elements so far, there’s a definite possibility that the studio could’ve revived the old peddler character for Aladdin after having cut him out of the original animated film.

There’s definitely a possibility that this whole theory could amount to the equivalent of jack and all so let’s wait until May 24 when the film comes out and we’ll see if our hunch holds up (and whether the Aladdin is actually, you know, good).

Disney Sheepishly Rehires James Gunn To Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Gunn was fired last July after some alt-right trolls dug up some unsavoury old jokes tweeted out by the director.

Time to rejoice, internet, because after months of public apologies, online petitions from fans, and open letters from the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast, Disney has sheepishly decided to rehire James Gunn to direct GOTG 3.

According to Deadline, Disney had been second guessing its decision to fire Gunn and secretly decided to make the decision to unfire the director months ago.

Presumably the news only broke now since all the hooplah after Gunn’s firing has finally died down to manageable levels.

Every Marvel fan right now after hearing about James Gunn’s rehiring.

Just a reminder how we got here in the first place, Gunn was fired after some alt-right troll dug up some of the director’s old tweets in which he made a bunch of pedophilia and rape jokes. The resulting furor from that caused Disney to fire Gunn from GOTG 3 in a knee-jerk reaction.

As for why Disney decided to change its mind, apparently the studio’s chairman Alan Horn met with Gunn after the whole tweet saga and was persuaded by the director’s sincere apology and handling of the aftermath of his firing (i.e not criticising Disney for its decision, unlike, say, Kevin Hart and the whole Oscars debacle).

Furthermore, it was reported that Disney never met with or considered any other director for GOTG 3, which suggests that rehiring Gunn was always on the cards.

Following the news of his rehiring, Gunn has tweeted out a heartfelt message of thanks to all his fans who supported him the whole time.

Gunn’s rehiring did initially hit a hurdle because he officially signed on to direct and write the Suicide Squad sequel a couple of months ago, which would’ve made for some awkward conversations at Marvel given how DC is its big rival in the superhero landscape.

But to the relief of DC and Marvel fans everywhere, a deal was worked out in which Gunn is free to work his magic on the Suicide Squad sequel first before resuming work on GOTG 3. Details on the GOTG film remain scarce and it is likely that it won’t be released until after 2020 at the earliest, though we do know that Gunn had written the script for it before being fired.

This is absolutely the right move from Disney because the GOTG films are so uniquely “James Gunn” that no director could really hope to emulate that magic. There will undoubtedly be some who will gripe about Gunn’s unfiring, but rather than say something dumb, I’ll let Star Lord respond to any and all detractors.

Disney's Villains Are Finally Getting The Live-Action TV Show They Deserve

It's about time Disney's best characters get given the spotlight.

Disney has created countless memorable characters over the many decades it has been in business.

But if we’re honest, the best characters have generally not been the protagonists, no offence to Ariel, Simba, Elsa, Hercules, and Snow White.

No, the best Disney characters have almost always been the villains and now they’re getting their very own standalone TV show that they deserve.

(I’m not counting House of Villains or the villain arc from House of Mouse as a show as the former was a movie and the latter wasn’t really a show about the baddies.)

Victory at last!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney are working on a new show titled Book of Enchantment that will revolve around its roster of iconic villains.

Based on Serena Valentino’s book series that puts the spotlight on Disney’s antagonists, the show has will be for Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service and will be written by Michael Seitzman, who is known for shows like Quantico and Code Black.

The bloke hasn’t really done anything that screams “Disney!” but hey, maybe he’ll be perfect for the job. We didn’t think James Gunn could’ve pulled off Guardians of the Galaxy but he surprised us all (until he got fired).

This isn’t the first time Disney has tackled this villains concept as the studio previously did something similar with its Descendants TV movie franchise. The big difference is Descendants was aimed at kids while Book of Enchantment will be… actually we still won’t know what it will be exactly but we’re hedging our bets on a “dark and gritty” angle that every show likes to do these days since it is reported that it will apparently be in the subversive vein of Once Upon A Time.

As for when we’ll see this show, don’t expect it anytime soon as Disney has only been working on this project for a few “months” so it’ll be a while before we get an idea on what the final product looks like.

This is all super exciting but to be honest, the inner goofball in me just wishes Book of Enchantment will be a live-action Disney villain version of that fantastic princess sleep-over scene from Ralph Breaks The Internet.

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