The Full Song And Music Video For Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Emotional Ballad, Shallow, Confirms A Star Is Born Is My New Religion

OK seriously this movie needs to come out already.

Ever since we heard snippets of the emotional duet ‘Shallow’ in the trailer for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s upcoming film A Star Is Born, we knew this was going to be the song of the year.

And holy hell, it’s better than I ever could have imagined. And with a music video made from A Star Is Born clips I think it’s safe to say we’re all watching this on repeat while crying.

Lady Gaga’s voice is so powerful it really shows you how much of a difference it makes casting an actual vocalist to play a role like this.

The part where she sustains that big-ass note has become a point of obsession for fans and somewhat of it’s own meme while we patiently waited for the entirety of this holy song to be released. You know what, the big note sounds even better when enjoyed in full force.

Bradley Cooper is of course wonderful also in this song and the pair’s chemistry is so out of this world that I can already guarantee this movie is my new religion.

Can’t wait for the official day of worship when it comes out on October 18!

Dance Pop Queen Robyn Releasing Two Versions Of Her New Single Honey, Neither Of Which Are The Version From The Girls Finale, Is Very Stressful

Song so nice she made it thrice.

After much anticipation, Robyn has finally blessed us with the titular single of her upcoming album, ‘Honey’. It will come as no surprise that the Swedish Queen of dance pop and heartbreak has produced an absolutely magnificent track that will actually make your soul leave this earth, visit heaven, and come back a changed metaphysical being.

The fans, they love it.

Robyn has given us both ‘Honey’ a 4 minute 53 second masterpiece, and ‘Honey (Single Edit)’, an excellent 3 minute 51 second radio cut. Naturally, when two versions of a beloved song coexist it prompts healthy dispute over which is the superior version.

It’s a minor point of stress having both competing for the official title but for the most part, the more the merrier is the general attitude towards Robyn’s music.

Which brings us to the thing that is really causing stress in the Robyn fandom: Where is the ‘Honey’ version that we heard last year in the Girls finale?

After hearing the demo of the epic un-released track in Girls a lot of people have been dreaming of the day they would finally be able to listen to the whole song, unadulterated by character dialogue.

But alas, there is no indication that this older, unfinished-but-still-amazing version of ‘Honey’ will ever get an official release.

Yes, I know, we are greedy. These two just-released versions of ‘Honey’ are religious experiences in themselves and we should be nothing but grateful. But once we hear a Robyn track, we need it on file. We need to hear it and we can not be satiated.

At least we have the perky melancholy of ‘Honey’ and ‘Honey (Single Edit)’ to soothe our sorrows and remind us just how lucky we are to exist in a time when Robyn is once again releasing music. Amen.

It’s Ridiculous That The Australian Music Industry Isn’t Getting A Seat On The Panel Advising The Government About Drug Safety At Festivals

Dismissing the importance of the music industry is why they’re shutting down events rather than having a grown up discussion about pill testing.

After two people in their early 20s died and three others were taken to hospital in critical condition last weekend during the Defqon.1 Penrith music festival, the longstanding debate around drug safety and pill-testing was once again brought into the spotlight.

As a result, the state Premier for the NSW Liberal party, Gladys Berejiklian, has put together a three person panel for advising the government on drug-related deaths at festivals. The music industry’s peak representative body has written an open letter asking for a seat on the panel, but unfortunately it’s looking highly unlikely that that will happen.

In spite of the fortified calls for officially sanctioned drug checking trials to begin in NSW, and the fact that pill testing is a strategy that’s already saved lives in Australia this year, we’ve instead heard state officials vow to ban the music festival.

Gladys Berejiklian has definitely been the loudest voice to oppose pill testing  recently and propose shutting down Defqon.1, which is a solution that dismisses both the actual evidence and studies around drug safety solutions and the importance of music events to the music industry.

The three person panel currently consists of the NSW police commissioner, the state’s chief medical officer and the chair of the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

In the open letter, MusicNSW has urged Gladys Berejiklian to include the industry in the conversation.

“We are focused on ensuring live music and entertainment is a positive and safe experience for everyone and the recent deaths due to drug use are heartbreaking and deeply troubling,” it said.

“Please do not shut us out of this important part of the discussion … our expertise, experience, skills and research can assist you.” has reported that a spokesman for the premier suggested the panel would not be expanded.

“The expert panel … will be consulting with the music industry to ensure its voice are heard,” a spokesman said.

“This is an important process and we welcome input from MusicNSW and all of its member organisations.”

It’s essentially dismissive to claim that feedback from the music industry will be heard but not considered important enough to be a part of the key decision making. Not fully factoring in the needs of the music industry fully is how we get solutions that involve shutting down events instead of dealing with the actual problem at hand.

A panel advising the safety of music events absolutely needs a seat for the music industry.


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