Start Practising Your High Notes Now, Because The Shallow, Lady Gaga's Signature Song From A Star Is Born, Is Set To Be The Biggest Thing

The song was so good, it drove the audience at the premiere screening to tears.

Over the last few years, we the general public have become more accustomed to big musical numbers. Whether its every girl under the age of twelve knowing the words to Frozen‘s “Let It Go”, the runaway success of The Greatest Showman, or the likes of Sia, Usher and Alicia Keys covering Broadway hit musical Hamilton, we have become more and more hungry for a Capital-B Big show tune.

Enter stage-left Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, with their modern remake of Streisand vehicle A Star Is Born. The premiere of the film has already garnered rave reviews, including a literal lightning strike and talk of a Best Actress Oscar for Gaga.

But now we have some more details of arguably the biggest moment of the movie: Lady Gaga’s signature song.

For a reminder of what we’re dealing with: watch this video again. Skip to about 1:40 if you have to.

Hear that high note? That amazing wail? Hear how it just screams “You will play me at your next karaoke night. You will fail to hit the high note. But you will do it anyway, every time, because you know that this song will hit you right there.”

Well, I am happy to announce that yes, by all reports the song, officially titled “The Shallow”, will indeed hit you right there. In that sweet spot between your heart and soul that screams this song will stay with you for a time that feels like forever, and you’ll love every minute of it.

According to a report by Vulture from the Toronto International Film Festival, the song (and the iconic yawlp from the trailer) forms the basis for much of the film, including the rise and fall of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s relationship as performers and lovers.

But the most interesting this is how the writer describes the moment: he says that the moment the high note hits is not only the apex of the film, but it brought tears to the audiences’ eyes.

Exclusive vision from inside the A Star Is Born premiere.

Reportedly, while no other song hits the way “The Shallow” does, it doesn’t matter: by the time it does, it’s stuck. Like the way “Let It Go” is already stuck with you once Elsa builds her ice castle. Or how basically anything that happens after “This Is Me” in The Greatest Showman is redundant because after it’s done, you just want to pump your fist and play it again.

Banger? Banger.

Radio stations, karaoke bars, wannabe musicians, prepare yourselves: “The Shallow” will be the big hit of the end of this year. The only thing stopping it is a possible resurgence of Queen hits, which is still a favourable outcome, to be fair.

However, my money’s on Lady Gaga’s pipes. And I, for one, welcome my new Lady Gaga-wailing overlord.

Australians May Soon Be Able To Skip Ads In Spotify, Without Having To Pay For Spotify Premium

Annoyed by the constant ads interrupting your perfect playlist? It may soon be a thing of the past.

Are you sick of having your perfect playlist or favourite album interrupted by an ad? Are you tired of having your workout, chillout, or study sesh ruined by an always-too-chirpy voice enthusiastically announcing why you and you specifically should sign up for Spotify Premium, or join the Army Reserves, or buy whatever the latest Maccas deal is?

Well, that all may soon be a thing of the past.

According to Pitchfork and AdAge, Spotify is trialling a new “Active Media” service. You still get audio and visual ads, but you can skip them an unlimited amount of times, as long as you give feedback.

The best part about this trial? It’s starting with us Aussies.

All of us, as we skip every ad on Spotify.

In a statement to Pitchfork, Spotify said that “Active Media” has been launched “…in Australia for now and will consider expanding to additional markets in the future.

“We are committed to our freemium model and will continue innovating our products to ensure the best experience on both our free and premium tiers.”


Ultimately, they will still want you to listen to SOME ads, with Spotify clarifying to AdAge that this is ultimately about tailoring ads to better suit you, then just outright getting rid of them.

But still, unlimited ads skips! For Free!

Now if only they could fix that problem with blocking people…


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