New Zealand Is Giving A Star Is Born The Extra Classifications It Needs So Audiences Aren’t Blindsided By The Triggering Scenes

There’s a responsibility to the audience to give warning about confrontational content, and it should have been there in the first place.

If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born, I’ll avoid spoilers for as long as I can then flag when you can jump out of this article to protect yourself.

But I’ll expect it’s fair ground (seeing as you have clicked on this article) to discuss the fact that the end of this movie is extremely confrontational, and that needs to be flagged to audiences before they choose to watch.

The film has an R rating in America, though was awarded an M rating by Australia that was carried over to New Zealand.

After feedback from audiences complaining of being “severely triggered” by the explicit scenes near the end of the film, New Zealand’s classification board has added a more specific warning to the film.

(I’m going to say what that warning is so if you really don’t want to know, this is your cue.)

New Zealand’s classification now flags that there are scenes dealing with suicide in the film, and it’s absolutely wild that that wasn’t flagged in the first place. The content is explicit and harrowing and left a lot of viewers (including myself), distraught.

The debate over plot spoilers vs. trigger warnings is an ongoing and complex one, but I think it’s fairly obvious that mental health needs to take precedent. Having the inclusion of suicide scenes explicitly called out in the classification is actually quite easy to avoid if you hate spoilers, but very important for people who are seeking out this kind of information.

There are a lot of people who specifically avoid that content for mental health reasons, and there is an obligation to give those viewers an opportunity to choose not to put themselves in the position of having to see it.

The Full Song And Music Video For Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Emotional Ballad, Shallow, Confirms A Star Is Born Is My New Religion

OK seriously this movie needs to come out already.

Ever since we heard snippets of the emotional duet ‘Shallow’ in the trailer for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s upcoming film A Star Is Born, we knew this was going to be the song of the year.

And holy hell, it’s better than I ever could have imagined. And with a music video made from A Star Is Born clips I think it’s safe to say we’re all watching this on repeat while crying.

Lady Gaga’s voice is so powerful it really shows you how much of a difference it makes casting an actual vocalist to play a role like this.

The part where she sustains that big-ass note has become a point of obsession for fans and somewhat of it’s own meme while we patiently waited for the entirety of this holy song to be released. You know what, the big note sounds even better when enjoyed in full force.

Bradley Cooper is of course wonderful also in this song and the pair’s chemistry is so out of this world that I can already guarantee this movie is my new religion.

Can’t wait for the official day of worship when it comes out on October 18!

Anyone With A Big Nose, Please Let Bradley Cooper Make You Feel Good About Yourself In This Teaser Clip From His Movie With Lady Gaga A Star Is Born

The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is off the damn charts. <br />

As someone who has harboured insecurities about the pronounced shape of my nose for most of my life, I find this sneak preview clip just released from A Star Is Born incredibly enjoyable.

Trust Bradley Cooper to turn nose-related insecurities into a tool for seduction.

I never thought a man asking to touch my nose would become an erotically charged fantasy but here we are.

Seeing the electric chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in this scene has amped up my already extreme excitement for the release of A Star Is Born. 

The musical romantic drama is set to be released in Australia on October 5 so get pumped to see Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut and Lady Gaga’s major motion picture debut all at once. It looks epic.


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