It Was Touch And Go For A Moment There But Bradley Cooper Is Finally Back To Peak Sexy In The Trailer For A Star Is Born

Let’s hope and pray he never cuts his hair short again.

As an actor, Bradley Cooper has undergone a number of transformations for the multitude of roles he’s played.

He’s had short, dorky hair.

He’s had those beautiful mid-way locks.

He’s even had a perm… oh dear.

But finally, yes finally, he’s back to being the rugged sexy beast I knew he could be in his new flick with Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born.

Sure, he plays an alcoholic musician – but aren’t the bad boys with hidden hearts and tortured souls always the sexiest?

Hottie Cooper proves what we’ve known all along: there’s nothing hotter than a guy with a guitar.

Ignore the salty beard and bloated alco-red face for a second, and you’ll see those baby blues shining, as well as a bit of a Matthew McConaughey vibe happening.

And sure, Cooper might look a bit rough in this film, but his voice is as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.

Kind of like what Ewan McGregor sounded like in Moulin Rouge.

Gaga on the other hand is a powerhouse of musical talent and has a voice that just won’t quit.

What’s more, a bunch of the live scenes throughout the movie were filmed live at Coachella in 2017.

As if I needed another reason to regret not going that year…



Beyoncé And Solange Fell During Their Coachella Performance Because Good Sisters Do Everything Together And Falling Over Is Funny

She’s a survivor, she’s not gon’ give up, she’s not gon’ stop, she’s gon’ work harder.

We weren’t sure anything was ever going to top Beyoncé’s Coachella performance last week, but don’t worry guys, Bae has outdone herself… again.

During Beyoncé’s Saturday set with little sis Solange in tow, Queen Bee lost her footing, bringing both girls down in the process.

We’re still trying to figure out what exactly happened but it looks like Beyoncé tried to pick up Solange after their very fabulous dance-off, but when the two embraced, things went haywire and they both came crashing to the ground.

I think somewhere out there I can still hear the frantic cries of “Bae down, Bae down!”

There are plenty of theories about the fall… was it an accident? Did Beyoncé drop Solange? Did Solange ambush Beyoncé?

Whatever the real reason (we may never know, just like we still don’t know who the infamous Beyoncé biter is), it looked damn funny and the girls weren’t hurt.

And that’s what matters most.

The sisters recovered from the fall like masters of the fabulously clumsy universe, and to be totally honest, their synchronised topple came off like a perfectly choreographed dance move.

There’s nothing better than someone falling over (or nearly falling over) but not actually hurting anything more than their pride.

It’s all in the recovery. Observe.

Beyoncé at the Superbowl in 2016

A salvage so smooth you might even say it was all part of the act…

Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars and whenever she leaves the house

It happens so often now we’ve legit lost count of the times this gal has taken a tumble but she always comes out winning. Literally.


Selena Gomez during her 2016 Revival Tour

Sometimes all you can do is smile. The show must go on!


Harry Styles Is A Stage Five Tripper

But it’s OK because he’s so damn cute.

Meagan Trainor’s Brutal Stage Dive

Skip to the 40-second mark for the high-heel slip seen and felt across the world.

Cara Delevigne Boycotts Coachella After Accusing Festival Founder Of Being Anti LGBT And Pro Gun

Turns out Philip Anschutz and his private family foundation donated a hefty sum of cash to a number of organisations with anti LGBT agendas, and Cara ain’t happy about it.

There have been more than a few newsworthy moments at Coachella during the last week – none more spectacular than Beyoncé’s epic 2-hour set where she not only claimed the title as the first woman of colour to headline the festival, but reunited one of the best girl bands of all time, Destiny’s Child.

One of Beyoncé’s many fans just happens to be British model, Cara Delevigne, who like most of us, posted about her love of the performance and admiration of Queen Bee.

Delevigne boycotted the festival itself, but caught the headlining performance on television.

She was clearly blown away by Beyoncé’s extraordinary, undeniable, and immense talent.

But just minutes after posting about Beyoncé and her incredible feat, Delevigne was called out by fans who trolled her for being a ‘hypocrite’.

It seems they weren’t happy that the famous model dared criticize the festival but then publicly commended Bae’s performance.

Delevigne took to Instagram stories make it very clear that she could indeed protest Coachella while still praising Beyoncé – saying the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

The note read:

“Some people are commenting on the fact that i posted about my anger towards the owner of coachella and then about beyonce,” she wrote. “I still refuse to go to a festival that is owned by someone who is anti lgbt and pro gun. I am able to shame that man and the festival and show my appreciation of an artist at the same time. Just because i love beyonce doesn’t mean i now love coachella. I still wouldn’t go. And i will let nothing get in the way of me showing my love or hate for something. Don’t let anyone come between you and your truth.”


You tell ‘em girl!

Last weekend, Delevigne, voiced her decision to boycott the annual funfest in light of the political views held by Philip Anschutz – the founder and owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), who is the corporate parent of Coachella.

Last year it was revealed by The Washington Post that Anschutz and his private family foundation donated money to conservative institutions with anti-LGBT agendas.

The news did not go down well, but nevertheless, Coachella continued to be the festival of dreams for music lovers throughout the world – and some of the biggest acts in the universe.

It’s extremely scary to think that some of – or most of the money made at Coachella could potentially be going to far-right, anti-LGBT and pro-gun advocates.

We need more public figures like Delevigne that aren’t scared to tell the truth and stand by their opinions when they’re required to defend themselves.

Delevigne deserves to be commended for her posts, not bullied by people who would rather waste time trying to shame her than shame the head of a huge company that donated money to institutions such as the Family Research Council – who are an extremist group that believe “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed.”

Sort your priorities out, people.


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