Anyone With A Big Nose, Please Let Bradley Cooper Make You Feel Good About Yourself In This Teaser Clip From His Movie With Lady Gaga A Star Is Born

The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is off the damn charts. <br />

As someone who has harboured insecurities about the pronounced shape of my nose for most of my life, I find this sneak preview clip just released from A Star Is Born incredibly enjoyable.

Trust Bradley Cooper to turn nose-related insecurities into a tool for seduction.

I never thought a man asking to touch my nose would become an erotically charged fantasy but here we are.

Seeing the electric chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in this scene has amped up my already extreme excitement for the release of A Star Is Born. 

The musical romantic drama is set to be released in Australia on October 5 so get pumped to see Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut and Lady Gaga’s major motion picture debut all at once. It looks epic.


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