Never Forget: Zac Efron Dropped A Condom On The Lorax Premiere Carpet

At least he's practicing safe sex.

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two that still keeps us up at night every now and again. However, I’m willing to bet you’ve never had an experience on the level of “Zac Efron accidentally dropping a condom on the red carpet while at the Hollywood premiere of Dr. SeussThe Lorax.”

“What was that square thing that fell out of Mr. Zac Efron’s pocket” is probably something parents didn’t think they would have to explain to their kids while at something as seemingly innocent as the premiere of The Lorax. But hey, they’ll have to learn about safe sex at some point.

Hats off to Zac for sheepishly keeping his composure throughout the accidental condom dropping moment though as most people would crumble under the scrutiny of something like that happening in public.

He also gets bonus points for later copping to it when being interviewed on The Today Show. Not only did he joke about it (“I never really had a pocket-checking policy prior to going on the red carpet before, but now we fully instated one.”) but he managed to spin it into a positive by saying how him being responsible adds a “great message” to the many great messages already in The Lorax.

This, uh, isn’t one of them.

This little trip down memory lane does bring up a couple of questions about Zac and what was in store for him later that night after The Lorax was over and the kids had gone home:

  • Why wasn’t he carrying the condom in his wallet? That would’ve spared him the embarrassment.
  • Who was he hoping to hook up with? There are a heap of single women at these things and he was single at the time (as far as we know) so he was probably hoping something might happen that night. Beyond the good-looking people who were invited, his Lorax co-stars Taylor Swift and Betty White were also present. Just saying.
  • How did Danny DeVito react? He probably would’ve went all Frank Reynolds on it.

Whatever Zac Efron had planned for that after party for The Lorax premiere at least he was being mature about it, so kudos to him for being responsible and practising safe sex.

Don't Be Fooled By Nazis Looking "Normal" In This Twisted Photo Album

A stark reminder of the banality of evil.

It’s a pretty universally agreed thing upon among everyone on this green(ish) earth that Nazis have a permanent seat in Hell and won’t be leaving any time soon (unless you’re among the loud minority of lost folk who think they’re alright).

It’s nearly impossible to feel empathy towards a group of people responsible for some of humanity’s most despicable acts, which is why a photo album that’s been shared on Twitter of Nazis behaving like, well, normal people is so difficult to digest.

Well, mostly normal.

In an epic 38-tweet thread on Twitter, Professor McKay Smith shared a series of photos from the album of a Nazi commander who worked at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, and prefaced every tweet with powerful passages from a 2008 New Yorker article by Alec Wilkinson.

Whereas most people have seen some imagery of the horrors that went down at the camp, all these photos were of Nazis just living their ordinary lives and having a good time.

It is quite simply the most evil thing we’ll ever see this year because it’s a horrible insight into just how supposedly normal humans gradually morphed into inhumane people who had no hesitation in hurting their fellow human beings.

To dance around, have picnics and enjoying the warm sunshine while being completely indifferent to the mass murder they were responsible for, not to mention the thousands of people suffering only metres away, is a level of unfathomable horror that’s just difficult to imagine.

While we’re living in times that are far better than those WWII days, the photo album is a stark reminder of the banality of evil that occasionally lingers under the facade of normality.

Since the Twitter thread for this cooked “Nazis behaving like normal people” photo album is so long, we’ve only included some of the tweets. If you want to see every entry, check out the entire thread here.

Samuel L Jackson's Iconic Bible Quote In 'Pulp Fiction' Was Actually Lifted From Another Film

It wasn't a miracle and we're acknowledging it.

From unforgettable scenes like Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace’s twist contest scene to the many, many iconic lines, Pulp Fiction continues to hold up today as Hollywood masterpiece, some of the finest writing we’ll ever see from Quentin Tarantino, as well as the source of an all-time great meme.

While there’s no denying the quality of Tarantino’s writing on Pulp Fiction 25 years on since its release, he wasn’t quite responsible for every word in the script and it’s not because he co-wrote the script with Roger Avery.

As it turns out, not only was that iconic Bible passage delivered by Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson) an incorrect and made-up thing (actually a combination of real Bible chapters Ezekiel 25:17 and Psalm 23), it was lifted from an old 1970s film.

For those who need a reminder on the Pulp Fiction scene in question, it’s the one where Jules eats some terrified schmuck’s burger, asks him whether he reads the Bible before delivering the aforementioned monologue, and then he shoots said terrified schmuck anyway.

Chatting to Terry Gross (via NPR), Tarantino revealed he essentially plagiarised Samuel L Jackson’s famous monologue from the US-release-only intro of the 1976 Sonny Chiba film, Bodyguard Kiba (known as The Bodyguard in the US).

It wasn’t quite a word-for-word lift job as Tarantino changed original “Chiba the Bodyguard” bit to “the Lord” and… that’s it. Yeah, okay it was essentially a copy and paste job. But hey, inspiration comes from all places regardless of whether it popped into your head or if you saw it done in a movie already and thought “I’m gonna use that.”

Tarantino wins out on the style front though as the original monologue was delivered via an opening crawl of text whereas Pulp Fiction had Samuel L Jackson shouting it in his trademark menacing fashion.

Tarantino hasn’t been too shy about unsubtly wearing his influences on his sleeve in his films but this one stands as a particularly in-your-face example.

And it also seems like there were no hard feelings from Sonny Chiba about some white chap from Hollywood ripping off the opening crawl from one of his film as Tarantino would later cast him in Kill Bill as the badarse swordmaker Hattori Hanzo.

So to answer Jules Winnfield’s question in Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino has never read the Bible (as far as we know), he just watch a lot of US releases of old Asian martial arts films and borrows bits here and there.

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