Detective Pikachu and Wolverine Go To War And Honestly, Better Than Endgame

Would 100% watch a buddy-cop crossover movie starring those two characters.

In preparation for the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix (AKA the Sophie Turner one-woman extravaganza), the folks at 20th Century Fox have decided to mark May 13 (May 14 for us folk Down Under) as a special “X-Men Day” to celebrate all things X-Men.

And there’s no better way to commemorate fictional mutants than the latest chapter in the beef between Ryan “Deadpool or Detective Pikachu” Reynolds and Hugh “I’m MFing Wolverine” Jackman.

This latest bout between the two heavyweights began when Hugh tweeted out a photo of Wolverine, calling his time as the mutant with an anger management issues the “role of a lifetime.”

Ryan then shared a bunch of images from Deadpool and Deadpool 2 and calling it the “greatest gig of [his] life”, though the character technically isn’t an X-Men. But look, that’s just getting into semantics and Ryan acknowledges it in his tweet with the use of a #NotReallyAnXMan hashtag.

Since he was on Twitter anyway, Ryan decided to sling some crap in Hugh’s direction (because why the hell not) and he came up with an absolute gem by replying to the Aussie actor’s X-Men Day tweet with a screengrab of Deadpool 2 where a Wolverine action figure is impaled.

The only thing that would’ve made this better was if it was Detective Pikachu dropping clangers onto Hugh instead of Deadpool.

Not to be outdone, Hugh responded by tweeting out, “Line. Sand. Drawn.”, along with a video of himself hamming it up during a live performance (presumably from his stage show) in which he says, “Let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that!”

Shots. Fired.

Ryan has yet to respond, presumably because he’s licking his wounds and biding his time for the perfect opportunity to retaliate.

There were also X-Men Day tweets from a bunch of other big name peeps who have appeared in or had an important part in making the X-Men films but that’s all secondary to the Jackman/Reynolds “beef” because that’s what we’re all here for anyway.

The Wolverine/Deadpool crossover we and Ryan all want may never happen since Hugh has hung up his claws in favour of singing his heart out in arenas around the world but this hilariously dumb “beef” between the two actors as a pretty good consolation prize.

That being said, is a Detective Pikachu/Hugh Jackman crossover on the cards? Somebody call somebody else and make this happen.

Please Enjoy This 100 Minute Video Of Detective Pikachu Dancing His Little Heart Out

Can't stop, won't stop watching.

Detective Pikachu is about to hit cinemas and deliver a lightning bolt of nostalgia to your inner 10-year-old. However, some jerk has decided to spoil the fun by “leaking” the film onto YouTube.

Except that the “leak” isn’t really a leak but an super effective troll. Allow me to explain.

A YouTuber by the name of Inspector Pikachu (subtle) has uploaded a 100-minute clip online titled, “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture”. This supposed “leak” quickly garnered thousands of views and it was enough to draw the attention of Ryan Reynolds, who retweeted the video.

As it turns out, it was nothing more than an elaborate troll and marketing ploy as the “leaked” video contains about 32 seconds of Detective Pikachu footage and 100 minutes of Pikachu dancing his little heart out to a funky 80s synth beat.

Normally you would expect some backlash for this little stunt but the “leak” is nothing short of brilliant because it’s, well, Pikachu dancing non-stop for an hour and a half and who doesn’t want to watch that? Hell, I can’t even pretend to be mad because it is honestly that good.

Regardless of if you’re a Pokemon fan, do yourselves a favour and watch Detective Pikachu dish out his best moves. You might struggle at around minute 39 so maybe keep it on in the background or something.

Ryan Reynolds Mocking Every YouTube Make-Up Tutorial Ever Is A Thing Of Beauty

Instructions unclear, need to watch again.

There is no shortage of tutorials for basically anything on YouTube these days and every single video seems to follow the same formula. The host starts with an obnoxious “wassup guys” intro that goes on for too long, eye-watering captions and graphics, the actual tutorial itself, and an annoying goodbye segment thanking everyone for watching before begging viewers to “smash that like” button and “don’t forget to subscribe.” Ugh.

It’s all incredibly annoying and yet it is all over YouTube like a plague.

The latest chap to join in on this irritating bandwagon is Ryan Reynolds, who released a make-up tutorial video as a promotional thing for his movie, Detective Pikachu. But unlike every other make-up tutorial video out there, his is an absolute blast as it is essentially him taking the absolute piss out of the concept the entire time.

Would immediately subscribe.

For 60 beautiful seconds, Ryan goes full YouTube make-up artist mode in showing everyone what he does to get ready to play Detective Pikachu and every single line he says is comedic gold.

Apparently all he needs is a black stensil (available at the nearest movie studio closest to you) to apply a bunch of black dots on his face and he’s Instagram ready. Oh and as a last thing for all those wanting to play Detective Pikachu like Ryan, you’ll want to “send you face to an Oscar-winning visual effects company who can render the final product using multi-million dollar technology,” but that’s no biggie.

Eat you your method-acting heart out, Daniel Day-Lewis.

It may be slightly different to the antics he pulled for Deadpool since Detective Pikachu is a kid-friendly movie and all, but Ryan’s promo game is absolutely on point once again and his comedic chops have never been better. In fact, it’s getting to the stage where we’re more interested in watching all the pisstaking marketing stuff he gets up to for all his films than the actual film itself.

Can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for the upcoming Free Guy but we’re absolutely smashing that “like” button on everything he pumps out.

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