New Wonder Woman Poster Doesn’t Distract From What Will Inevitably Be A Disappointing Film

(Lasso of) Truth.

I am a massive Wonder Woman fan. And I don’t just mean I think Gal Gadot is hot and I liked the first DC movie. I mean I grew up watching Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, on TV.

I would watch re-runs with my dad (he still loves her to this day- I get it) and we had the entire DVD set. I would spin around in circles and jump between couches pretending I was just as powerful and beautiful as she was. The love was real and still is.

I’m getting dizzy just watching.

So when DC released their remake way back in 2016 I was beyond excited. I’m pretty sure I squealed through the whole movie. The poor person sitting beside me hated me by the end of it because I kept slapping them excitedly on the arm.

As far as I was concerned, the film delivered. Gal Gadot IS hot and poised and a great fit for the role. Diana’s origin story stayed pretty true to its original roots, there was a clever plot twist and the CGI and special effects have improved significantly from the 1970s.

She makes it look so easy…

I don’t have as much hope for the second Wonder Woman film. I don’t exactly know why- it’s more of a feeling than a thought process.

Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since the first film. Wonder Woman 1984 was initially meant to be released in November this year but has been pushed back even further to a Summer 2020 date.

Summer in the USA isn’t until June next year. It’s already been three years and now we have to wait a whole extra year. The initial hype for the film has been replaced with indifference.


Not only has it been so long between films, but there’s been no teasers for the second movie. Nothing to keep us interested; nothing to keep us going.

The first promotional poster for WW84 was released TODAY and it’s great, not going to deny it.

Wonder Woman is sporting some new, full body armour which is pretty badass, and the poster is a rainbow of colours which fits in nicely with Pride Month.

If a poster could peacock, that is exactly what the Wonder Woman 2 poster would be doing. It’s all flash and no substance. Is it cool? Sure. But it doesn’t give me anything. I have no idea what the storyline will be or who the villain is or where it will be set. I don’t feel excited.

The longer you have to wait for something, the more impatient you get. You also expect more payoff to compensate for how long you’ve had to wait.

This poster doesn’t deliver any payoff. All it does is try to distract me from my impatience and the little voice in my head telling me that WW84 is going to be disappointing.

She Might Look Like Sansa Stark But Sophie Turner Proves She's No One Hit Wonder In New Dark Phoenix Trailer

Game of Thrones Started her career but it doesn’t define it.

Sophie Turner has played Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones for basically her whole acting career (and half her life).

Playing one role for so long can sometimes mean that people only know you for that role. Sophie has always been Sansa Stark and, in a lot of people’s minds, she will always be Sansa.

It’s the role that defined her career and her personal growth, so it makes sense.

But no one likes a one hit wonder and Sophie had a lot to prove to the world.

Don’t get me wrong: I love her. I think she’s amazing, skilled and a total babe. I also think she’s my soul mate and we’re destined to become sister-friends and move in together with a bunch of husky puppies and Joe Jonas. But ya know…

A girl can dream.

Whatever role Sophie accepted right after Game of Thrones had to make a statement.

Sophie nailed the brief. Not only did she get cast in a huge role, she got cast in another huge franchise: X-Men.

Sophie plays Dark Phoenix AKA Jean Grey AKA another bonafide badass AKA this chick:

Yes, the chick who falls in love with Wolverine.

The trailer for the Dark Phoenix movie just dropped and Sophie well and truly sends a message to her critics.

Girl can act. She also slays the whole anti-villain “don’t piss me off” glare and I love it.

In the most recent episode of Dr Phil’s podcast Phil in the Blanks, Sophie discussed the challenge of the role.

“It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, I think, work wise. It was just an abundance of traumatic scenes and emotionally draining scenes,” she said.

“Actually we tried to find links between the things that she was going through and the fantastical things going on in her head and schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder and things like that. So it was a lot of preparation and a lot of work but it was really fun.”

Sophie also said that people used to call her “wooden” as an actor and that they still do.

As a legit fan of Sophie’s and totally (not) qualified film critic I don’t think her acting is wooden at all. It takes a dynamic actor to take on huge roles like Sansa and Dark Phoenix and Sophie is killing the game.

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