Women Are DIY'ing Pregnancy Tests Now, Which Is Obviously Not A Good Idea

You don't want to get this wrong.

Ah, the Internet.

Home of Rise and Shine memes. Land of the influencer. A place where you can find a great recipe for banana bread and now, apparently, guides to DIY pregnancy tests.

As Refinery29 has shared, a video featuring a home-made pregnancy test is making the rounds at the moment, instructing women on how to do a “bleach” test.

Guys, no.
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The video states:

“It is a DIY method to test pregnancy at home using bleach. This pregnancy test is easy to do and quite accurate.”

Note the word “quite”.

Apparently, as R29 continues, the aim is to pour bleach into your pee and monitor how much the cocktail (ew) fizzes up. If you’re up the duff, the mixture is meant to foam up considerably.

Like this, minus the accuracy.
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As bizarre as this might sound, it’s not a new trend. The bleach test has been around for years now and, unsurprisingly, experts have been telling women not to rely on this method… also for years.

Bleach is not the only tool for home pregnancy tests, either. People claim that mixing pee with toothpaste and sugar are other ways to decipher whether or not you’re preggers.

But, as Brianne Raccor, PhD, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Campbell University, told Cosmopolitan, there’s no science to back up these claims:

“I don’t see any reason why adding bleach, sugar, or toothpaste to urine would specifically detect that hCG,” she told the publication.

(hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced after pregnancy occurs – it’s what some pregnancy tests look for to get their results.)

Anyway. Long story, short: I know buying a pregnancy test can be awkward, but this is one test you want accurate results on. Don’t place your trust in a cup of bleach. Speak to your doctor about a blood test, or have a pal come with you to buy a test.  

Leaking Nude Photos Is Abuse, And Viewing Them Supports The Act

Yes, it matters.

Today in news that’ll make you want to set the ‘reset’ button on the human race, it’s been reported that some slimy creeps have hacked into Demi Lovato’s Snapchat account and are leaking nude phoots.

Really? Ugh.

As the Los Angeles Times shares, the hackers shared a link to Lovato’s Snap Story asking followers to: “Join this discord server for my nudes.”

They then shared a collection of naked photos. It has not been confirmed if these are of Lovato or not – but it is believed they picture the musician. With that said, their authenticity really doesn’t take away from the huge violation of privacy the 27-year-old is experiencing.

Discord released a statement on the abusive act, stating that they disabled the link as quickly as possible.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activity on our platform and take immediate action when we become aware of it,” they said.

However, shutting down the link within the space of an hour has done little to stop the appalling spread of these images. People still managed to click through, and a number of them took screenshots of the photos; propelling the abuse further.

Now, we’re all in agreement (I bloody hope we are) that taking leaking nude photos and sharing them without their consent is never okay. It’s illegal, and as I’ve said a number of times already, it’s abusive.

In cases like Lovato’s, the misogynistic performance works to shame women for their sexuality and to assert a level of power over them. It’s absolutely reprehensible.

But I think we need to talk about another inappropriate action, here: viewing these photos. Because if no one clicked through to view Lovato’s alleged nudes, the hacker would have achieved nothing.  

Seeking out illegally-sourced intimate photos of women (or anyone, for that matter) supports the people who are intending to harm them. Doing this communicates that you don’t care about the violation these people, who are usually women, are experiencing. How does that sit with you?

And the argument that “they’re already out there, what’s one more click?” is just not good enough. You’re not entitled to this woman’s body, just because a creep has been leaking nude photos.

Let’s do a little better and avoid this toxic behaviour, yeah?  

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