Jonathon Nolan Just Released a 25 Minute Video ‘Spoiling’ All of Westworld Season 2 And It’s Everything We Wanted It to Be

Here’s the spoiler free take for everyone who’s too scared to watch it.

Westworld Season 2 hits April 22nd and theories about what’s going to happen in the land of… west world are already running hot. There’s so many unanswered questions, so many unopened boxes and so many mazes we’ve still gotta run to get to the truth.

There’s a lot of buzz about this little show basically.

And Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of the show want to nip all this stuff in the bud before some yahoo on the Internet accidentally stumbles on the answer by instead GIVING the answers to anyone that asks. They explained their logic all in the following post:

Okay, right. So are we actually expected to believe that they’re really going to just give away the entire plot to the upcoming season before it airs? They’ll never- oh wait, what? They already delivered. In a 25 minute video? Really?

Well, yeah. They went ahead and released it and let me tell you the whole thing’s mind blowing. It’s best you just forget about ruining the show for yourself and watch it right now because you won’t regret it:


What an upset. The twists and turns. What does the dog represent? Who are they never going to give up? Is it the same person they’re never going let down or is that an entirely new character? I guess those questions are going to be addressed in Season 3.

Well played though Nolan and Joy, well played.


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