Spare A Thought For The Folks In Marble Bar, Which Sounds Pretty Cool, But Is Literally The Hottest Place In Australia Right Now

Mate, this town is baking hot. Like lava.

WARNING: This news will make you crave all things icy cold.

With a massive heatwave sweeping across Australia, there’s one town that trumps all others in declaring: “mate, it’s bloody hot.”

Marble Bar in Western Australia is set to hit a high of 49 degrees today, according to the Bureau Of Meteorology.

Yesterday it got to 48.5 degrees.

And there’s no real relief in sight – Marble Bar is expecting max temps of 43 to 46 degrees for the next week.

It’s still not the hottest temp ever – that delightful record sits with Oodnadatta Airport in South Australia, which recorded a whopping 50.7 degrees back in January 1960.

South Australia is also baking right now, with tops of 47 degrees for Oak Valley, and 46 for Coober Pedy, Roxby Downs and Tarcoola in the North West of the state.

Adelaide is enjoying a relatively cool 41 degrees.

In Victoria, Mildura, Swan Hill and Kerang are bracing for 44-degree maximums, while Melbourne gets a balmy 36 degrees.

Sydney hasn’t escaped the madness, with poor air quality from the heatwave sparking safety warnings for asthmatics.

Out in the western suburbs, Penrith can expect tops of 41 degrees for the next three days. So much fun.

Just a reminder that the purple parts on this map are officially beyond hot:

Basically just run for cover, wherever you are.


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